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This site was started because we realized it was not the easiest to find right in the jungle of all hundreds of casinos online. There was simply no complete comparison site of casinos and gaming companies. Please check out here before you start playing for new bonuses and the latest news.

The online casinos you find here are all available ind South Africa. If you have any comments on our recommendations or have found that an online casino no longer holds the measure, please feel free to contact us, as this is something we are more than happy to share. New reviews and follow-up samples are made on an ongoing basis and this also applies to the daily reporting of news in the casino world. We and our writers update you on everything from new casinos and slots to bonus offers and competitions at South African casinos online.

Popular Casinos

Players know best when it comes to popular casinos and those who are good throughout tend to attract a lot of players, so it is well worth taking a look at the casinos that are both hottest and are in the limelight right now. Usually there are very good reasons for this. Thousands of players are rarely wrong and therefore it is worth taking a look at the casinos that have the most number of players. There are also trends in the industry, right now, for example, it is very popular with casinos without registration among our visitors. We also help you with this and when you make sure to check in here regularly you always know what is on the market and will never miss a piece of news again.

We help you find the right casino

When you make your choice of site to play with and deposit your money with, it is important that you get as much information as you partly want, but also need, in order to make a wise decision of which online casino to choose. Therefore, we have structured our site so that the tables show the most critical information and if you want to dive into a site’s selection, rules and contact details then this is to read in our reviews.

We do not show all South African casinos in our lists, but only those that we can recommend to you. The selection process is large and complicated and only the best sites in the lists at casinosouthafrica. Our goal is to be able to get all the information you want from us before your choice of casino.

Lucky Angler
Lucky Angler
Lucky Angler
Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive
Funky 70’s
Funky 70’s
Funky 70’s
Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights

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Gigantic game offerings

Varied offerings are just the first name if you want to summarize all the gaming companies’ lobbies filled with games. Depending on which one you choose, you can find a whole 1000+ slots, locker slots, Blackjack tables, Video slots, and much more. Our focus is generally on slots as these are the most popular games of the moment. If you are looking for sites with games from for example NetEnt and MicroGaming then the competition has a great advantage as almost all casinos today have these in their game offerings. If you want a little more exclusive gaming experience through odd slots then there is of course also.

Top gaming experience

The various game developers who develop casino games nowadays hold a very high class and the high competition has had great advantages for us who like the casino. There are now slots and other games that compete with well-created computer games in gaming sense. When it comes to live casino games, you can now interact with the dealer in real-time and this you connect with via cameras and high-tech systems to make the experience more authentic.

Casino reviews in quantities
Casino is something we are passionate about, and so we have gone through the entire list of casinos in South Africa and reviewed and rated these and give you an up-to-date picture of how the various gaming companies deliver. We then show only the best for you in our leaderboards. You can also feel confident being able to easily reach responsible gaming tools at all the different casinos we show up at casinosouthafrica.

What is important to you as a player
All players are different and value different things. Some players think that customer service is the most important thing for a casino online, while others want fast payments through secure payment methods to be the case. Some want a large assortment of slots while others only play at casinos which is the absolute first to release the latest games.

No matter what type of player you are, there is a casino that fits you like the glove. By reading the casino & gaming guides you find here at casinosouthafrica, you are guaranteed to make it a little easier to choose the right one. We gather all important information in one place!

Playing the casino should be fun
There are many features with us that make it easier for you to make the choice. Maybe you are looking for a casino that has a specific game manufacturer represented among its games, or do you like free spins extra much? No matter what requirements or wishes you have, we have done our utmost to meet them through our functions and pages. Among other things, we have a tool called the Casino Chooser where you can filter out different casinos depending on which properties you consider important.

Lotteries & other games
In addition to traditional casino games, we also have departments for other popular types of games online. Did you know, for example, that you can play the lottery at the gaming company Lottoland and more? If you have already played, you can correct your coupon for all the most popular lotteries on our lottery results page. You will also find popular forms of play such as bingo, sports games, and scratch cards here at casinosouthafrica.

Find the best casinos online
Online casino is one of the absolute hottest trends in gaming and gambling on the web, but it is a rising popularity trend we are seeing – which is hardly likely to slow down in the near future. That is why we have created this portal that lists the most popular, safest and best South African casinos online – so you can easily find a safe place to play where you will have lots of fun and the chance to win large sums of money – tax free!

Tips on good online casinos
However, it is – in fact – not always an easy match to find the perfect casino online just for you, there is simply a large selection of these today. Therefore, we have some tips for you to be able to choose the best casino to play at and of course, get a generous bonus from. It is ultimately your own taste and preferences that govern which casino you will enjoy, but we will increase the chances that you will like the online casino you choose because we have done a thinning and selection in connection with the listing of new players on this casino. page.

Therefore, we have some tips for you to be able to choose the best casino just for you to play at and of course, get a generous bonus.
As for the online casinos that we have reviewed on this site, they all have a high level of security, a generous bonus, a large range of games and a well-designed website with support for many devices. You can read through the various reviews we have done, or go directly to their website to see how their range of games is right for you.

Different games at online casinos
Modern South African casinos usually have two orientations – either concentrating on just slots (the most popular casino games right now) or focusing on having as wide a range as possible with different types of games, both in the computer version and in their mobile casinos.

If you are a player looking for primary slots then you rarely have to think about whether or not the casino offers this type of fun game, but slots are on all the major players in the market today. But if you like to diversify and try for example poker, live casino, bingo, scratch cards, lottery, or other games in addition to slots then you should look for a casino that has a wider range of gaming options.

Of course, you do not need to become a customer of an online casino to see what range of game titles and options are available. All you have to do is check our review or the start page of each player to see what range you can find with them.

Live Casino
Live casino is a concept that has started to grow more and more and nowadays this is something that is seen as a matter of course among various casinos. A casino online that lacks live games is not considered complete and it is required that there is a certain number of live tables where you have the chance to meet a real dealer in for example blackjack or roulette in order to be able to call the supply complete. This is much appreciated and live casinos use different types of software and different games. The bigger the offer the better, but a live casino can also be rated based on how nice the dealers who work are. We keep track of the best live betting options for you.

Responsible gambling
It can easily become too much when you play and if you feel that you have no control over your playing anymore, or play for more than you can afford, you may need help. When gaming starts to go beyond your ordinary life, this is a clear warning sign. The most important thing when you have a gambling addiction is that you yourself want help to stop playing. Otherwise it will not work. You can ask casinos to help in different ways by blocking your account, but there are also many guidelines you can turn to. The most important thing is to know that you are not alone and that there is help to be had. Gambling addiction is serious and nothing to turn a blind eye to. Feel free to set limits immediately when you start playing at a new casino.

Games Suppliers
Which gaming providers a casino uses shows a lot about what the casino is like, if it uses most of its own software then this can be a warning sign if they cannot be examined independently. Often casinos use software from well-known gaming providers such as Microgaming, Yggdrasil and NetEnt. This is a very good sign and you can often feel very confident when playing on these sites. We list casinos that use reliable software from well-known game developers and who are independently audited. This will make it safer for those who want to play online.

Of course, jackpots are what everyone wants in the casino world and there are few people who would not change this life, so it is no wonder that the hunt for the jackpot is huge. There are many slot games that offer really big jackpots and they are both fixed, coin jackpots and progressive. The biggest jackpots are progressive and that’s what most players want. A progressive jackpot can be basically any size and it continues to grow until someone has won it. When you want to play really big jackpots, we have made sure to list the biggest jackpots right now for you.

Casino – That’s how it works
It can be so hard to even surf the web nowadays. Everywhere you are surrounded by impressions and opinions. That’s why we have tried to design the site as simply as possible so that you can focus on the essentials – finding the right online casino for you. Check out these simple steps to find the right one!

So you get started and find the best casino for you
Choose a suitable category from the menu, depending on whether you are looking for odds bonuses, free spins or new casinos.

Why casinosouthafrica?
There is a large selection of comparison portals that have the same orientation as us, but we differ quite markedly from the amount in our way of working. This is not a tired portal where the writers are tired of updating the news and bonus offers. Everything you read is fresh, updated, and reviewed.

We are experts at the casino and have many years of experience in reviewing and removing raisins from the cake in terms of features and benefits that can be obtained from different gaming sites.
We always make sure you get the best bonuses at each casino by far. On a daily basis, we negotiate with the various contact persons with them and know how to design the best offers.

Our selection of new casinos that you find in the table on that page does not contain all the latest ones, but it is deliberate. We choose not to post casinos that do not measure up. This way, you can trust that you will land on a safe and trusted online casino if you click on from us.

Find the right casino online
The Internet is now flooded with various online casinos. It has become an extremely popular way for people to entertain themselves online. It has also meant that people have really opened their eyes to classic as well as newer casino games. It pops up new casino games more or less each and every day and they certainly seem to go well for these. Previously, casino games were played exclusively in large rooms, called land-based casinos. But over time, gaming has increasingly moved over to the net and today it is really this form of play that dominates. People seem to appreciate the benefits of playing online and these we will describe in more detail below.

One of the success factors for online casinos is that it has proved more lucrative to run a casino online. For example, they do not have to costs such as local rents and extra staff salaries This means that you can also afford to cost a little more and also spoil your players a little more than you can at a land-based casino. This is reflected especially in the well-known casino bonuses. This is something that virtually all online casinos offer. For example, all new players are usually taken care of in the best way with a favorable welcome offer. But there are plenty of other bonus types that casino players can use later on.

Biggest Benefits of Casino Online
By utilizing bonuses on online casinos you get more gambling value for money and thus increase your chances of winning. The fact that it is more advantageous to run a casino online also has the effect that the playing cards for the players will be better vis-à-vis the casino. It will be easier to win. The biggest advantage of playing online, instead of a land-based casino, is still the simplicity and accessibility. You can play at any time of the day you want without even having to leave the house. Instead of having to spend time and resources on getting to a physical casino, you can play in the safe home of your home in your most cozy clothes.

Another great advantage is the supply. An online casino has no physical space to take into account, which means they can fill up with as many casino games as you want. Also, they can have several different variants of each game, which is unusual at a physical casino. In addition, there are many different online casinos that all have something unique to offer. All of this creates fantastic choices for you as a player.

Other about online casinos

Something that may be a little lost with online gaming is that genuine and exciting casino feel. Not least of all, we can see that the classic table games that require this are not as popular as online slot machines. The sites have tried to rule this out through so-called live casinos. Here you can play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. against a real casino. There is a dealer that manages your gaming on a real gaming table. You can follow all this via the live broadcast. Another thing that needs to be mentioned when we talk about online casinos is that you can now also play via your mobile or tablet.

If you like sports, it’s odds & betting that you should look into
Slots are available at all casinos we show, but the offerings may vary
Scratchcards are only available at a narrow range of sites
Progressive jackpots (slot machines) can generate huge profits
Lotto is better online than in-store (like so much else)

How do I find a good and safe online casino?

How to find a good and safe casino is actually very easy for us to answer – because we have already done the tough job! We have compiled, analyzed, reviewed, and played fully at a large number of online casinos – and then compiled our reviews and ratings into a clear list that you as visitors can benefit from. If you subsequently choose a casino, you also get a great bonus when you register and make your first deposit there.

All of the casinos we recommend at casinosouthafrica offer secure systems, a wide range of games and user-friendly websites. In addition, all winnings are tax-free and you have a variety of deposit and withdrawal options to choose from.

You often get the advice that you not only have to look at the surface but see what is inside – but you can completely forget it when it comes to choosing online casinos from this site. We have done a thorough examination of the inside so that you can only focus on your superficial preferences when it comes to design and feel. You should, therefore, choose a casino that suits your taste – the security and the satisfaction you get anyway.

In other words, if you were worried before visiting us, you no longer need to be. But remember to only play as long as it is fun – and for the money you can afford to lose.

Best deposit bonuses
There are an incredible number of casinos online to choose from and it can, therefore, feel very tricky when looking for a casino to deposit money. Everyone offers good bonuses. That’s why we exist and we make sure to help compare the various bonuses with each other so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself. This way you can use the best deposit bonuses by far and will never miss a really nice offer. By using the nicest deposit bonuses, you also make sure to use the casinos in the best way and get the most out of your money. In the past, it was very common to have to enter a casino bonus code to get a bonus, but nowadays it is enough that you click through our promotional links to activate your welcome bonus.