Casino Bonuses

A casino bonus is a special bonus created by online casinos specifically for South African players who sign up for a casino account, or who have existing online casino accounts through us at CasinoSouthAfrica. You will have access to special offers available exclusively to our online casino customers, from free spins and bonuses without deposit to special offers for low rollers and high rollers. There really is something for every type of player. We only work with the best online casinos available to offer you the best deals online.

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How does Casino Bonus work?

Usually, you can expect some kind of casino bonus when you register as a new player at an online casino. The most common thing is to get a bonus after your first deposit. On some gaming sites, however, you can get a casino bonus without deposit and in this way, you can start playing direct and completely free.

There are hundreds if not thousands of casinos online out there and more or less all of them use bonuses to attract new players. Today, you just need to open your browser to be met by offers at casinos online.

Is it really the case that online casinos are so decent that they simply hand out free money you can play casino games with?

The answer is both yes and no. Most offers in life always come with a but. Even in terms of casino bonuses, there is usually something that needs to be told.

You should not snap on any bonus. Pick your best casino bonuses from our leaderboard. We are professionals and know what we are doing. We would never recommend a lousy casino bonus.

Let’s briefly review what types of bonuses you will be able to find online. Then we find out what these bonuses really mean and how they actually work.

Different Types of Bonus at Casino:

Deposit Bonus

With us, you will find plenty of casino bonuses.

These bonuses are specifically designed for our readers in collaboration with our online casinos.

Casino Bonus without Deposit

You get the best bonuses without spending a single penny.

For example, you can get 500 bucks to play for free!

Casino Bonus For Low Rollers

Other players prefer to invest a smaller amount of money when playing casino games online.

Then this type of casino bonus can help expand the bankroll!

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses mean you deposit your own money first and then the casino will either match your deposit or give you even more than you originally put in. Here at CasinoSouthAfrica we have the best deals you can find online. Great rewards for your deposits are guaranteed.

Casino Bonus without Deposit Requirements

When you sign up for a casino bonus with no deposit, you do not have to spend a single penny to play and win real money, called No Deposit Bonus Casino. So a casino bonus you get without having to make a deposit with your own money In principle, the casino gives you more or less free money to play for as you wish. How is it that? Yes, you should not forget that there are no ‘free lunches’ in life. Since you can use your free bonus casino bonus without deposit to try the games on the site completely free of charge, the idea is that you will continue the game once the bonus has expired. Nothing wrong with that though. After all, there is hardly anything better – or at least more fun – you can spend your money on than just what is our favorite pleasure – online casino games!

Exactly the casinos we have as partners are very generous towards their casino customers. Register through us and take advantage of the casino bonuses we have negotiated with our cooperating South African casinos online. There are cash bonuses where you get a total of jackets to use on any game. For example, it may be about R 10.000 or a larger but limited amount of time. What you manage to win is usually your casino bonus. No matter how you prefer your deposit-free casino bonus is deposited into your gaming account, you cannot deny that there is never a problem with some free money and that it never hurt anyone to get some free casino games.

Free spins

Of all the types of casino bonuses available, free spins are what most casino players appreciate and crave for everything. Casinos like to give out these bonuses because they allow you to try the games. Of course, you can win real money by playing with your free spins. You can also use your winnings from free spins to start your own bankroll and thus play without putting in real money. Casinos normally release around 20 free spins. However, sometimes you can find offers with over 40 free spins. Sometimes you find free spin bonuses that can offer up to 100 free spins when you register through our website.

Casino Bonus without wagering requirements

In addition to the feeling of picking a casino bonus completely without deposit requirements – a deposit-free casino bonus – it is another boost to get a casino bonus without a turnover. Deposit and turnover. What do all these terms and concepts mean? Deposit is quite obviously about depositing money into an online casino to play casino games. Turnover, on the other hand, is slightly blander for the beginning of the casino and in some cases even for the experienced casino player who did not really get into all the details about all aspects of gambling. In fact, the words ‘casino-free casino bonus’ for those who love to play casino online should make you drop everything you do and catch your eyes immediately. To get a casino bonus without a deposit requirement is silver but to nip on a casino bonus without a wagering requirement is gold. Of course, it all becomes perfect when you combine these two things.

Requirements for Bonus Casino

Each individual casino will have its own special terms attached to their bonus offers. You, therefore, need to read through these carefully before deciding which casino you want to register with, and also which bonus is best for you. This is especially true for welcome bonuses since you can only register once. So make sure you know what the terms look like before you lock into a particular casino offer. For example, for some welcome bonuses, you may receive requirements such as maximum withdrawal limits and wagering requirements on the bonus you receive. If you read in the terms that your casino bonus has wagering requirements, it means that you will have to spend a certain amount before you can claim the winnings you have earned through your bonus money.

The specific requirements are different from casino to casino. You may need to deposit a certain amount of money – for example, R 1.000 – in order for the bonus money to be credited to your account. You may need to bet 10, 20, or 50 times the bonus money. The deposit requirement may also apply along with the requirement for your wagers, and you will need to meet these requirements for the bonus money to be used and to withdraw your winnings. Also check which games the bonus is tied to and double-check also the requirements for each specific game. For example, some casinos do not allow roulette games with bonus money. Another requirement may be the maximum bet you can make. For example, you can be limited to spending 10% or 20% of the bonus on every bet you make.

You will also not be allowed to open more than one account to claim multiple bonuses at the same casino. In other words, you can only use one bonus code once. For example, if we say that you find an Africasino bonus code, you should either use it directly or write down the expiration date and be sure to use it before that.

The validity of the casino bonus

  • You may use your casino bonus within a certain time frame.
  • Time frames for casino bonuses vary.
  • Usually, a smaller bonus will last longer and larger shorter.
  • Always check before applying for a bite.

Then you take advantage of the bonus code

  • Bonus codes can be found on our promotional page.
  • Click on the offer and follow the instructions.
  • Enter the bonus code.
  • In some cases, you enter your bonus code through customer support.

What are the limits for bonus codes?

  • You may only use one bonus code per account.
  • If you get discovered with multiple accounts, you can lose the entire bonus.

What games can you play with the casino bonus?

  • Games you get to play differ from casino to casino.
  • Always read the bonus terms to make sure that your favorite game is allowed.

How do you use a casino bonus?

  • Browse our Promotions page and select the bonus.
  • Register at the casino in question.
  • Enter any bonus code.
  • Contact customer support for any problems.

Where do you find bonus code?

  • Check out our campaign page.
  • Click on the best bonus.
  • Follow the instructions from the casino.
  • Enter bonus code at registration / to your account / via customer support.
Pros and cons of casino bonus

If you are still unsure whether to register with a South African online casino using a casino bonus, we have compiled all the pros and cons to help you make your decision.

The benefits of playing with the casino bonus

The most obvious and probably the best advantage of playing with a bonus is that you have the opportunity to play for free and keep the profits you earn from playing for free online. If you are new to the online casino world and are unsure of the games, casino bonuses give you the opportunity to practice the games with the casino’s money, so you can test them and find out which games are right for you. It is also especially fun and exciting to play round after round and know that you have not paid for anything. Especially when the money starts rolling in!

Depending on the type of player you are, you can choose bonuses that are tailor-made for you, whether you are a low roller or a high roller player. You can also take advantage of your bonus on almost all casino games. Just make sure to check this with the casino first. We offer casino bonuses to suit all players regardless of style.

Disadvantages of playing with casino bonus

There are sometimes conditions attached to how you can get your winnings. For some special bonuses, there may be game rules. For example, in certain cases, you can only use free spins on a particular slot machine. Because bonuses can be directed to specific games, you should check the casino bonus and read its terms. So you can really play the game you are looking for. For some bonuses, you may also need to bet for a certain amount of money, or you may need to bet your winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. But since you have the opportunity to take home free money, it will not be so bad.

Some casino bonuses, especially free spins, are tied to the lowest coin value. This can make it difficult to win large sums of money. But if you play strategically with your winnings from the bonus, this is not impossible.

Choose the casino bonus from the best online casinos

The advantages of registering for a casino bonus at an online casino clearly outweigh the disadvantages. That is why they are so popular with casino players. You get the chance to play with free money and get a profit with money that you don’t have to put out of your own pocket. Could it be better than that? Check out all our ongoing casino bonuses created especially for our loyal customers here at CasinoSouthAfrica and enjoy playing for free. There is a bonus for all types of players and for all games. No need to go without it! Some ongoing bonuses are designed specifically for our customers. Others are such great deals that they are only available for a short time. So be sure to visit our campaign page regularly. That way you will never miss out on incredible offers.