ZAR Casino Bonus Codes Help You Get Freebies From Online Casinos

Just as with most other countries, South Africa has tons of online casinos that allow you to enjoy not only a lot of different games but also a lot of different freebies. Some of these freebies include free gambling money in the form of free spins or other free games. The casinos do this to lure you in and turn you into a long-time customer. Some of these bonuses include codes that you have to enter on your account at their website but they can provide you with dozens of opportunities to enjoy everything they have to offer once the code is entered.

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What Are Bonus Codes?

Bonus codes are codes that these online casinos advertise on their websites and each of the codes offers you something different. When you go to your account on their websites and enter that code, you get freebies that you can use so that you can enjoy all sorts of casino games. Best of all, the freebies that you get from the codes are simple to enter and allow you to access this perk right away, which means that there is no waiting around just to take advantage of your free money.
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And what types of freebies do these bonus codes offer? Below are some of the freebies that real-life casinos have offered their patrons in the past:

  • 50 free spins
  • Free chips
  • Match bonuses
  • Free cash
  • Free play on certain games

The only recommendation when you’re trying to find these freebies from various casinos is to read through the details carefully so you know exactly what you’re getting. Many of these casinos have restrictions that you must adhere to and it’s good to know what these are before you sign up on their websites.

For instance, some casinos give you a maximum payout or allow you to use your bonus just on certain games. Some will not allow you to use the bonus if you’ve used a free one recently and some of them do not allow these bonus codes to be used by players who already have accounts with them. This is because for the most part, these freebies are designed for brand-new players who do not yet have an account with that particular casino. In other words, the casinos are trying to turn curious people into real customers and these free perks are the best way of doing so.

What Are “No-Deposit” Perks?

Some perks, of course, are only for people who are opening an account and depositing money into their account. This is the difference between standard and “no-deposit” accounts. With the latter, you still have to sign up for an account on the casino’s website but you do not have to make a deposit, which is certainly one of the most popular perks these days when it comes to online casinos. With no-deposit bonuses, you can get that freebie right away without having to enter any personal information that you might not want the casinos to have, which is important to a lot of online gamblers.

Of course, whether you have to make a deposit or not, casino bonuses are exciting because they provide you with freebies that you didn’t have before, all without any type of commitment on your part. If you get free money, for example, you can gamble it away without care because even if you only win a small amount of money, that’s more money than you had before you got the bonus money!

Best of all, to research all ZAR casino bonus codes doesn’t take a lot of leg work because there are websites nowadays that list all bonus codes from all casinos right on their website. You can quite literally go down the list of casinos and compare bonuses so that you get the absolute best one in the end. Instead of visiting each casino’s website and learning which bonuses they offer, which takes a lot of time, you just go to one website and get the exact same information. It couldn’t be easier!

Know What You’re Doing Beforehand

Before you accept any bonus code from any casino in South Africa, it’s good to know what some of the terms they use in their descriptions of these bonuses mean. Some of the most common terms include the following:

  • Games allowed. As mentioned above, some bonuses allow you to play only on certain games and not on others. This isn’t good or bad; however, you need to be aware of it before you go any further.
  • Max cash-out. This is the amount that you can withdraw from your account after you play, and it is sometimes lower than the amount you actually won. This is neither good nor bad because the money is still in your account but it’s something that you need to know before you choose your casino.
  • Multiple free bonuses. Naturally, casinos can’t give out free bonuses continuously so most of them put some type of restriction on them so that you aren’t able to use too many of them in a row.
  • Player status. Some bonuses can only be used for new players, some only for existing players, and some by either of these groups. Most bonuses come with this restriction.
  • Wagering/playthrough. This means that you’ll have to bet a certain amount in order to receive your bonus. Sometimes they have a multiplier that can be as high as 100.
  • In addition, some casinos will give out what they call “exclusive bonuses.” These are usually associated with that particular casino and don’t apply anywhere else. They allow you to get extra bonuses and perks at certain times.

Bonus codes are yet another way to get free money, free games, or free spins at the slot machine when you’re a new player with a casino. Casinos offer these bonuses to help you learn more about their casino and the codes they use have to be entered in order to claim the reward. If it sounds complex, do not worry because it couldn’t be simpler. It all starts with going online and learning which casinos offer which rewards.