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Playing casino games in South Africa is legal, and there are a variety of casinos that you can check out. Each one of them comes with their own share of games and benefits or deposits. All you have to do is to figure out which is the right option, and the payoff can indeed be among some of the best. Which does make you wonder is something like the ZAR Casino a good option? Let’s find out right away.

R15,000 FREE + 100 FREE SPINS

Casino Rank

ZAR Casino is a top favorite online casino in South Africa when you are asking the players. This is based on the amount of games and top games that are offered to the players. Zar Casino is also placed on our top list of online casinos

  • Trust 90/100
  • Casino Games 80/100
  • Casino Bonuses 100/100
  • Help & Support 100/100

Basic Information

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ZAR Casino is a very popular casino in South Africa and it continues to stand out as one of the top solutions on the market at this particular time. It helps push the boundaries and it provides you with an astonishing, powerful and amazing experience. What you will love about ZAR Casino is the tremendous attention eye to detail they have on the casino and the fact that you can play your favorite games, while also getting access to an amazing casino promotion program with lots of bonuses too. In short, this is an amazing online casino to play at for South African players

ZAR Casino was established in 2006 and it continues to be one of the top, major casinos in South Africa. It features a vast range of casino games, and it does push the boundaries with its incredible appeal and unique range of games. It’s enticing and it’s fun, not to mention it comes with a vast range of great games that you can check out

ZAR Casino Login

Creating a ZAR Casino login is very simple, all you have to do is to sign up from the website. This is a simple process, and it won’t take a whole lot of time. If you are already registered, you can use the ZAR Casino login to access your account and games as fast as possible. It’s a great idea and it will help bring in a very good experience.

Sign up

The ZAR Casino sign up process is actually very quick and simple. The main advantage here is that you get to enter the website, you add your details, then confirm the account, and you are now good to go. In simple words, you will be playing games in no times, without a difficult sign up process.

ZAR Casino Casino Bonus

One of the advantages you have at the ZAR Casino is the fact that you have a multitude of bonuses to start with. Which is great, because it encourages you to play more and more. It’s definitely a whole lot of fun, and people love this approach because it’s well worth it and unlike anything that you can find on the market. Here you have an outline with some of the bonuses you can grab at this casino when you play.

Welcome Bonus

The ZAR Casino welcome bonus is actually a pretty good one. You will have the R15000 free and you also get 100 free spins. Which is great because you get to play the way you want and test out games without getting any money out of your pocket. It’s great for experimenting and trying out new things, and it’s safe to say that a lot of people will love this gameplay and interesting, exciting game moments. With that being said, it will take a bit to get used to the way you play at a new casino, so this is more than welcome. That’s what makes this well worth it all the time, so check it out for yourself.

At the ZAR Casino you have a ton of different bonuses based on the day you play. There are the weekend budget boosters which are fun to play with. Then you have the Thursday Power Play with 150% + 100% + 40%. Or the Lion’s Share on Wednesday with the 150% + 75% + 50%. These bonuses are great and they show that you can get quite a lot of value for the money. It’s a very good system you have in place, and in the end the potential can be second to none all the time.

You will get the mobile casino no deposit bonus if you use a coupon code like NDC500. This will give you R500 free no deposit bonus, which is very exciting. We like the fact that they give the versatility and results you want, while making the experience comprehensive and exciting at the same time. These are things that really make the process better, and results themselves can indeed shine all the time. That alone is something to take into consideration.

Like many casinos, ZAR Casino also has its fair share of hidden bonus codes that you can use. The great thing about these free bonus codes is that they can actually help you get quite a lot of value and improve the way you play in no time. With that being said, here are some codes that are active at the time of this writing.

  • 50LUCK will give you 50 free spins
  • 300FREE gives you R300 for free
  • 50JOIN will provide you with 50 free spins
  • 350LUCK offers 350% up to R3500
  • 300BONUS gives 300% up to R3000
  • 250WINS offers a match bonus of 250% up to R5000.

All these codes are great to use if you want to play at the ZAR Casino often. Not only will it be a lot of fun to get some bonuses, but it’s exciting because you can try out something new and interesting. Remember there are also a variety of promotions too, so with those and these codes you can save quite a lot of money if you’re a regular player here.

ZAR Casino Casino Games

ZAR Casino has a plethora of games that you can play. The great advantage about them is that they are continually adding new games, so you will find yourself enjoying the experience and always experimenting with new stuff. That’s what totally makes the experience better and more engaging. The core advantage is that you will surely appreciate the unique value and quality og slot games. As a players you can push the experience to the next level. There are tons and tons of games to try out, and all of them are pretty creative, so just get started now.

Most of the slot games here come with free spins, so you can easily try out the games and see which one is your favorite.

See a list of some of the slot games here:

  • Big Game
  • Wild Adventures
  • Critters
  • Pieces of Eight
  • The Last Pharaoh
  • Frontside Spins
  • Pina Nevada
  • Rise of Spartans
  • CharmZ
  • Well Oil Be

We like these slot games because they are creative, always come up with something unique in each individual game. The slot games are made by some of the best in the online casino industry and many of these slot games have free spins. You might even find that some of the mcome with progressive versions.

That’s great because you have a lot more versatility and fun coming from every game. You get to play the way you want and enjoy the gameplay. In case you just get bored and want to try out something new, ZAR Casino does have plenty of slots, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything.

You can find many different table games here, with

  • Wolf Street
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Cash Vegas
  • Blackjack
  • and many others.

This is the type of casino where you can find lots and lots of bonus games, which is great because it allows you to try out something new. Some of the table games are slots and will come with VIP bonuses and features, which we found to be quite the innovative idea. It does take a bit of a trial and error in order to make it work. That’s why it’s a very good idea to test it out for yourself and just immerse yourself into the experience.

At this time, ZAR Casino doesn’t have any live casino games you can play. That’s not a huge issue, but it just shows that you have a variety of other titles to play. There’s also no word if ZAR Casino will eventually bring in live casino games, so for the time being, you will have to be ok with regular casino titles. Which they are all very good, so it’s definitely an amazing experience and a great opportunity to try out some of the many dozens of table games and slot titles too.

You have regular blackjack on ZAR Casino, but there’s no live option for the time being. It’s nothing announced, although some say that the casino will eventually bring it since it’s one of the highly requested features that a lot of people expect from something like this.

The same thing can be said about Live Roulette, it’s an option that people want, but right now you don’t have anything like that. However, they might bring live games in the future, but at the time of this writing there’s nothing announced, so it’s something you have to remember and keep in mind, at least at this point.

ZAR Casino Mobile

Can you download the casino or play on mobile? Thankfully, you have the option to play this on mobile if you want. You can play all the mobile games presented here, but there is a catch. As we found out while trying to find a mobile app, we noticed that there’s no ZAR Casino app anywhere to be found. At least not in the normal sense.

What you will notice here is that ZAR Casino has a HTML based website that you can access in order to play the games on mobile. So it’s not exactly a mobile version native to iOS or Android. The good thing about this however is the fact that you do have the opportunity to play these games in your browser without any worries.

You do have complete touchscreen support for the mobile games here, which is a great thing for all players. That also means you have more portability, since you can play anywhere you want without any issues, and you will immerse yourself more than you imagine. At the end of the day, you can easily play your favorite ZAR Casino games on the go, and that will just make the gameplay more immersive and engaging, which is what matters the most in the end.

Even if you can’t download a ZAR Casino app from the mobile stores, you can still access the ZAR Casino experience anywhere on mobile. Which is the next best thing, and that’s the thing that you need to focus on. It’s a cool and interesting idea, one that you will find to be quite interesting more often than not.

ZAR Casino Payment Methods

The withdrawals methods are pretty much the same as the ones listed above, although they do focus mostly on debit and credit card withdrawals, which is extremely important to take into consideration here. That being said, the payout process can take around 48 hours to process because the casino has a lot of clients. Sometimes even a bit more, since they area paying on Mondays or Thursdays. So you want to time your withdrawals accordingly if you can.

There is a progressive withdrawal limit that starts at R1500 per week. However, it all comes down to different tiers. If you reach the Leopard Tier in the casino, you can withdraw R10000 per week. The more you play at the ZAR Casino and the more you gamble, the more you can withdraw. Of course, gambling more doesn’t guarantee you any wins, so you do want to gamble responsibly here. But overall it’s well worth it and it does bring you plenty of potential too.

If you are usually focused on using e-wallets, the thing to note is that ZAR Casino won’t be accessible. With that in mind, you can use a multitude of payment methods here, like instant ETF, credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, ETFPay and that’s pretty much all. With that in mind, you are not really limited to how much you can add or withdraw, which is important. They do a very good job at keeping the costs low, and you will be very impressed with the results and process as a whole. That alone is what makes ZAR Casino unique and well worth it in the end, so try to use it as an advantage.

Deposit Methods

The deposit methods are Bitcoin, ETFPay, Instant ETF and debit or credit cards. Some would want a bit more options, but the truth is that you are getting quite a lot of value from these anyway. Every casino has their own deals and benefits in place when they choose certain deposit methods, so it makes sense for each casino to come with different deposit methods. Thankfully, these are very simple and easy to use.

Payment Security

Payments are encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about your personal data leaking in any way. On top of that, the website doesn’t request more data than it’s needed, and it’s not shared with third parties without your consent. This is great, because it gives you full control over the entire experience and you never have to worry about anything. It’s a great approach they do here, and the results can actually be very good if you manage this appropriately. In the end, it will offer a much better return on investment than what you would expect, so check it out if possible.

Is this a good casino?

Based on our ZAR Casino review experience, this is indeed a very professional casino and it also has a license for South Africa. It has been around for more than 16 years, it follows all the local regulations and it features a fair gambling environment. In fact, ZAR Casino has managed to create a great name for themselves in the casino world within South Africa, and no one can really dethrone them. They are monitored and certified by the DMCA, and the casino itself is always evolving while still sticking to all the rules and regulations. That’s what really matters from a good casino, and it’s exactly what you are getting here as well.

Are there minimum deposits?

Yes, you will notice that the ZAR Casino does have a minimum deposit based on the payment method you are using. The general minimum deposit is R50, but for some payment methods it can be R100. You will be notified about what limits are there based on the situation at hand, so you just have to take your time and assess the situation to see what works for you. In the end, you are free to choose what payment method you want, and these limits are not that high, so you can easily gamble as much as you want without any worries.

Do you need to provide any proof of identity if you want to withdraw?

When you withdraw money from the ZAR Casino, you will have to present the driver license, or any other ID and a current utility bill. You will also have to send a copy of the credit card, front and back. Cover the middle digits on the card and any of the CVV numbers. ZAR Casino requires this in order to ensure that you are indeed the person withdrawing. It can be a bit of a hassle, but then again it’s also a way to protect players in case someone enters their account and wants to withdraw their money. It’s one of those systems that can be very good, and you will appreciate it especially if someone accesses your account without your consent.

ZAR Casino Customer Support

When we contacted ZAR Casino’s customer support, they replied to us very fast. You can contact them via email, telephone or live chat. The phone system is toll free, emails are answered in 24 hours. We recommend the live chat, because you will have the issue solved a lot quicker than you might imagine. The issue we contacted them about was solved within a few minutes via live chat, so they are indeed very good, dependable and reliable.

ZAR Casino Final Toughts

Should you play games at ZAR Casino? Absolutely, we had a blast here and we are firm believers that they are some of the best in the casino world in South Africa. With that in mind, they don’t have live dealer games, they could use more table games and so on. However, the support team is fast, they are very dependable and you will have a lot of fun playing!

ZAR Casino FAQ

Can ZAR Casino be downloaded?

You can’t download the ZAR Casino, but you are able to access the casino on mobile via HTML5. This way you can play on the go as you see fit and without having to worry about any issues. You can also withdraw or deposit money as well, so you have the utmost functionality without any issues.

Is ZAR Casino legit?

Since this is an established casino with more than 16 years of activity, you can trust them to manage your money and provide you with fair chances. Obviously, you can’t win all the time, but there are no major complaints about ZAR Casino’s fairness online, which is very important.

How do you register with ZAR Casino?

You can register by visiting the ZAR Casino website, fill in the sign up form and click the Sign Up button. They will require you to add some information and then you can play without a problem. It’s a great system in place here, and you will find it very simple to understand.

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