Big Bang Touch Mobile Slot

The Big Bang NetEnt slot was released in early 2014, and the Big Bang Touch…
Big Bang Touch Mobile Slot
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The Big Bang NetEnt slot was released in early 2014, and the Big Bang Touch is the mobile variant available for smartphones and tablets. Although NetEnt is known for its many bonus features, these have focused on a more scaled-down variant that focuses on the multiplier feature that can give you up to 32x the profit! The graphics are also special with the unique theme that originated in the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčearth creation. Read on to find out more about playing this exciting NetEnt slot, and what sets it apart from other slot machines from the same developer.

Big Bang Touch Appearance and theme

Big Bang Touch has five wheels, three rows and 25 lines of action, and the theme revolves around space and world creation. The scientists believe that the universe was created some 14 billion years ago in a huge explosion known commonly as the Big Bang. NetEnt has taken hold of this and created an explosive slot with really well-made graphics.

The symbols consist of stars, planets, solar storms, asteroids and supernovae as well as the 10-A card symbols. In the background, you see the endless space and the design of the wheels themselves is nicely futuristic in many beautiful colours. When it comes to sound effects and background music, NetEnt has made a good choice that really enhances the mood when playing.

How to play Big Bang Touch

You who like free spins may be disappointed when you test the Big Bang Touch, as NetEnt has completely focused on the multiplier feature. But even so, the Big Bang Touch is by no means a boring slot, on the contrary! Although the number of extra functions is not very large, the multipliers mean that you can win really big sums. There is also a wild symbol, which consists of a supernova and can replace all other symbols on the reels.

The multiplier function consists of a bar to the left of the wheels, numbered from 1-32. It is activated every time you win during a game round, and then increases one step. So after your first win, it will show 2x while the reels spin, which means that any winnings during the round will double. If you keep winning, the multiplier increases for each round, and if you are lucky, you can have your winnings multiplied as much as 32 times! The multipliers offered are: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x, which means that the sum is doubled with every win. You only need to win five times in a row to take home the big win. If you continue to win after that, the multiplier stays at 32x until you lose a round then it starts again at 1x.

Thanks to Big Bang Touch’s other special feature, which consists of the wild symbols, you can reach even greater profits. As usual, the wild symbol means an opportunity to replace other symbols to achieve a winning combination on the reels.

Thus, despite the low number of special features, Big Bang Touch can give you a lot of good profit opportunities. But keep in mind that there is no possibility of neither re-spins nor free spins, which means that you have to pay for every spin on the slot. But because of the exciting multiplier function, there are actually no other special symbols that NetEnt would otherwise include in their slots. It’s exciting enough though!

Big Bang Touch Relief Opportunities

The 25 Big Bang Touch bet lines are fixed, which means you can’t adjust how many you want to play with. All lines are constantly activated and what you can adjust is instead the bet level and coin value. When it comes to the bet level, you can choose between 1-4 and the coin value is between R 0.20 and R 10. This means that the lowest possible bet will be R 5, while you can bet as much as R 1,000 a maximum per spin. Thus, Big Bang suits most players, even if you who prefer really high stakes of several thousand kronor should perhaps choose another of NetEnt’s slot machines.

The theoretical reimbursement for Big Bang Touch is 96%, which is average but slightly lower than many other NetEnt slots. With this percentage, you get an average return of R 96 for every hundred dollars you bet. In terms of variance, it is quite low, and the profit rate of Big Bang Touch is about 50%. But if you win several times in a row so you get a high multiplier you can get huge winnings of up to 268,032 coins! If you play for the maximum bet it will be around R 2,680,320, so there is a good chance of becoming a millionaire if you decide to play some spins on Big Bang Touch.

Big Bang Touch Opinion

While the Big Bang Touch may not be something for you who love lots of special features, this slot is a great choice for those who are craving big profits! As the exciting multiplier feature to the left of the wheels rises higher and higher, you have the chance to become a millionaire in just five turns. The many wild symbols that can replace all other symbols on the reels are also a good help on the way to that big prize you’ve always dreamed of.

The space theme that focuses on the theory of the world’s creation in the form of the big bang is unique in the slot world, and NetEnt contributes with nice graphics and wonderful sound effects. But we would have liked to have seen a slightly higher repayment rate in the style of most of NetEnt’s newer slot machines. Big Bang Touch is a slot that fits you who want to play as easily as possible, for example, if you are a beginner in the casino world. Despite the few features, it is still a really fun slot that especially suits you who prefer lower stakes. High rollers, on the other hand, do not have much to fetch as the highest possible bet is only R 1,000.

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