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Blackjack Touch is a really good variant of this card game in mobile version! The…
Blackjack Touch
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Blackjack Touch is a really good variant of this card game in mobile version!

The Touch platform consists of NetEnt’s own variants of games that work via mobile devices, and it contains both a large number of slots as well as the classic table games we recognize from land-based casinos. In Blackjack Touch, you have the opportunity to try this classic card game directly via your mobile or tablet, with NetEnt’s innovative graphics and first-class presentation of the game that floats superbly even on smaller screens.

Like all other NetEnt Touch games, Blackjack is available for devices running the iOS or Android operating systems. It works in exactly the same way as when playing through the computer when optimizing the game for the smaller screens. Therefore, you can expect easier navigation, high-quality sound and excellent graphics without losing the high quality that NetEnt is known for.

Blackjack Touch Appearance and settings

Net Ents Blackjack Touch is a simple variant where you can play with just one hand at a time. The design of the game is made in 3D with nice animations and unique sound effects. You can also speed up the game thanks to the Quick Deal feature which increases the pace and suits you who is a van Blackjack player. You can also mute the sound if you are somewhere where you need to pay attention to people around you, or just prefer to play in silence to concentrate better on the cards. Both cards and buttons are also large and clear so you can easily see everything that happens on the gaming table even on a smaller mobile phone.

How to play Blackjack Touch

Blackjack Touch is played in exactly the same way as via the computer, except that you can take the game with you wherever you are. As long as you have an internet connection, just log in, open the app or visit the casino’s website and click on a new game round to see if you manage to get Blackjack and take home the big prize!

The rules of Blackjack Touch

If you haven’t played Blackjack before, you should really try this legendary card game. It involves getting as high cards as possible on the hand, up to the sum of 21. If you get a hand that is worth over 21, on the other hand, you are out of the game. You always play against the dealer and start every round of placing your bets. After this, the dealer places two cards per player, but only one card in front of himself. Then you can choose whether you want more cards or content yourself with the ones you received.
It is important to try to get as close as possible to the sum 21 but at the same time be careful to exceed 21 and lose automatically. If you are satisfied with your cards, the dealer takes more playing cards until his or her hand is worth at least 17. Then the round of betting and the one who has received the maximum amount on the hand is decided without exceeding 21 wins.
The dressed cards always have a value of 10, while the other cards have their own values ​​and the aces are either worth 1 or 11 depending on what is most advantageous. The sum of 21 on the cards is called Blackjack and is the best hand you can get. However, if both you and the dealer get 21, the round is undecided. During the course of the game you can double your bets if you think it will go well, or split the cards into two hands to bet more. You can also withdraw from a game round, which costs half your stake.

Specifications for Blackjack Touch

In BlackJack Touch from NetEnt, you have many different choices to make during a game. Depending on which variant you choose, you can play with 1-6 cards, but the game always follows the classic rules. You can choose whether you want to play one hand at a time or as many as five hands at a time.

If the dealer has an ace, you will be asked if you want to buy insurance. The same applies if you want to double the bet which is possible if the cards are worth between 8 and 11 as your chance of getting 21 on hand is then much greater. You can also split the cards to create two hands if you think this can help you win.

Blackjack Touch Relief Opportunities

Just like in other games from NetEnt, you have many different betting options to choose from in Blackjack Touch. You can bet from 20 R up to 800 R per game, with chips worth 20, 100 and 200 R each. However, some mobile casinos change the stakes, so there is also the possibility to play with stakes from 10 Rand up to 10,000 kroner per hand. Therefore, if you prefer to play with a wider betting team, we recommend that you check out what applies at your particular mobile casino before you start.

In Blackjack Touch, there is also a so-called Re-Bet feature that lets you make the same bet again automatically to speed up the game round, which is really smooth if you want to play many hands in a row. The Blackjack Touch Refund Rate is around 99.59% if you play with an optimal strategy.

Blackjack Touch Opinion

NetEnt’s mobile version Blackjack Touch offers a fantastic experience and it is really easy to play even on smaller smartphones or tablets. It is the classic version of Blackjack offered and therefore the game suits both beginners and more advanced players. The graphics are really good even on smaller screens and you get a very nice gaming experience which can also be very profitable if the cards are on your side.

The appropriate background music and sound effects enhance the gaming feel and resemble a land-based casino, and Blackjack Touch is actually one of the best options if you do not have the opportunity to visit a real casino at the moment. Thanks to this mobile version of the classic card game, you can play and win wherever you are, whether you are queuing at the grocery store or just having a few minutes left at lunch.

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