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Online slot machines have become more and more popular in recent years. There is something…
Online Slots South Africa
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Online slot machines have become more and more popular in recent years. There is something for everyone and as you can see in the TV commercials, many different people have started playing on the slot machines. Simply because it is super fun and entertaining. And then there is also the opportunity to win prizes of all sizes. Right up to multi-million jackpots. You’ve come to the right place. Because we give you the best free slots and table games.

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Best online slot machines

There are so many fun casino and slot machines online that it can seem incomprehensible. But we have put together a list and found the best slot machines and table games for you. Some of the most popular games can be found at almost all casinos, while some very unique South African slots can only be found at a single casino. We have looked at the best and will guide you through the jungle. You can read the review and try the slot machine for free.

It is very different what people find entertaining and therefore there are slot machines for every taste. There are traditional machines you may know from the arcades or the local kiosk. Then there are very graphical ones with lights, colors and lots of sound effects.

There are also a lot of slot machines based on animated characters and drawing on elements of fantasy and adventure.

Another category is the well-known films and TV series. There is Game of Thrones slot machines, themed machines from Jurassic World or even the Sex and the city slot machine!

The most popular machines in South Africa are Starburst, Book of Dead and Gonzo’s Quest.

What is an online casino slot game

Before we get too started, it might be worthwhile to take a closer look at what online slot games really are for a size. Because not everyone has played on the machines before. And those who start out may well be a bit overwhelmed and confused about the experience which can both go very fast but also be a visual sensation bomb.

Let’s just look at the basics. An online slot machine is a machine that randomly puts together a number of symbols. Depending on the combination of these symbols, a (possible) gain is triggered.

Paylines on slot machines

On the good, old one-armed thieves in the game halls, they were pulled in the arm and then won if there were three alike in the middle row. This is also typically how an online gaming machine’s paylines work. Except that on most machines there are also many other profitable lines. They can cross and cross. Confused? Take a closer look at the picture here – you’ll understand better.

In this example of Starburst, there are 10 winning combinations. And which symbols then determine the size of the prize. Well, me? Yes, but still not. Because there are some very special symbols that make the experience even more fun. They are called “wilds” and “scatters”.

Wilds and scatters at slot machines

The wild symbol must be considered a joker. This is a field that can make it next to any symbol. Ie Machines that have Wild symbols give you a better chance of winning on individual lines.

The slot machine Scatter symbol is a different story and not a symbol used on all slot machines. Scatter symbols act as a symbol that opens an extra feature. For example, it may be that a Scatter symbol gives extra spins, thereby increasing your chance of winning on the individual bet.

In some cases, Scatters can also open up special bonus rounds where the winnings are accumulated or multiplied by a multiplier. In such cases, your winnings can become soaring.

It can be a little difficult to understand these concepts by reading about them. We suggest you try playing some of the machines with these features in a free slot machine version. For example, you can play Twin Spin or Gonzo’s Quest here on the site and once you understand the machines you can see where you can get the highest bonus at the casinos that run the machines.

One last feature that all gaming machines have is autoplay. Here the machine runs without having to press the button. You can set a limit on how many times it must run, how much loss or profit you have to make before it has to pause. Then put it on autoplay, you can sit back and watch the “bum and bam” screen while dreaming of wilds, scatters and bonus rounds.

A slot machine has a number of reels and rows, which typically on online slot machines are 5 reels and 3 rows.

New slot machines every week

New machines are being added all the time – in fact, 5 new gaming machines are being released worldwide!

At the South African casinos, new machines are launched weekly. In many cases, it is time-consuming machines, e.g. Halloween, Christmas or Spring themes. That way, you can always find a slot machine that fits your mood and mood.

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Casino software and game providers

There are a large number of software providers within casino software. These “gaming providers” make big money making slot machines that become so popular that all online casinos want them in their slot machine lobby. Earn the box at slot machines

Here at Casino South Africa we tell you on our casino reviews what software they have the machines from. And at every slot machine we’ve reviewed, we also tell you which casinos you can play at. That’s an easy overview, right?

Among the casino software providers are the very large NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO and PlayTech. NetEnt stands for example. behind the ultra-popular Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. Play’n GO names the Book of Dead and Honey Rush.

Jackpot slot machines

One thing is to play on slot machines with a high repayment rate. This reduces your risk. But if you really want to hit a high payback, well then just hit a jackpot on one of the special jackpot slot machines.

Slot Machine Jackpot A jackpot is a very special pool that goes to a lucky player who releases the slot machine jackpot. If you hit the right combination, the big cash register rings.

There are two types of jackpots. One is a fixed amount that is paid out each time the jackpot is triggered. The other kind is progressive jackpots. And this is where it gets really fun.

Progressive jackpots

For a progressive jackpot is a pool that starts at an amount and then grows. And growing. And growing. Until it is triggered. It works so that some of the players losing to the casino are placed on top of the jackpot. So the longer it takes for a jackpot to be triggered, the bigger the pot. Just as you know it from EuroJackpot.

For it not to be a lie, there are in fact also different types of progressive jackpots. Often you see that a jackpot is associated with one particular machine at a casino. That is, it is the casino’s players alone who influence and win the amount. There may be machines that have a jackpot in one place but do not have it in another place.

And then there are the “global” jackpots that are associated with one machine across the casinos. This means that the players from several casinos spit in the pot and thereby it grows much, much faster. Therefore, there are some machines that can have a huge progressive jackpot.

This is a great way to get started. And actually also a way to enjoy the game without losing money. But on the other hand, hitting a jackpot and getting only fictitious money from it is also a pleasure. Then it’s a bit more fun to play with the chance to trigger a big win.

In addition to trying the games here at Casino South Africa you can actually try them for free at the casinos.  Once set up, you can browse the lobby of the casino and hit “Play for fun”. Once you’ve found the right one, you can invest money and try to play right. And remember that at all casinos you will receive a welcome bonus in the form of doubling your deposit or extra spins that you can use on individual machines or as you see fit.