Go Bananas Slot

Go Bananas is one of Net Ents slots from 2014, and therefore a fairly modern…
Go Bananas Slot
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Go Bananas is one of Net Ents slots from 2014, and therefore a fairly modern creation even though the slot is still one of the simpler variants of this popular game developer. It is a really fun and a bit crazy slot with monkeys as the theme and here you have mainly focused on the wild symbols as an extra function that works really well. Although there are not so many other features besides the wild symbols, there is a lot happening on the reels and the winnings are also quite large compared to what many other slots can offer.

Go Bananas Slot Appearance and theme

The castle has five wheels, three rows and 20 lines of action and the theme is various kinds of monkeys in the jungle with suitable symbols such as tropical fruits such as coconuts and pineapple, monkey statues, and drums. There are also five different symbols with monkeys on, and these act as wild symbols that can spread across the reels and greatly increase your chances of winning. The different kinds of monkeys are baboons, gorillas, orangutans, langur, and tarsier. The graphics are very nice even though it is not of the most advanced kind.

How to play Go Bananas Slot

There are five different wild symbols in Go Bananas, namely the five monkeys. Although all are wild symbols, a certain pattern belongs to each monkey that affects how the symbols on the reels will change as they emerge. This is because the wild symbols in Go Bananas also affect the adjacent symbols on the reels. The more symbols that become wilds, the more chance you have of winning. You can see the patterns of the various wild symbols below:
Gorilla: Spreads out on all diagonals
Orange: Spreads over a 2×2 symbols large field
Baby: Fills up the whole wheel
Langur: Creates three wild symbols on a row
Tarsier: Creates two wild symbols on a row or on a wheel

Unfortunately, there are no scatter symbols that can give free spins in Go Bananas. It may seem a bit sad, but you will quickly notice how much is happening on the wheels anyway thanks to the various wild symbols. Go Bananas also has no bonus game but is simply a slot that is not so advanced, which many players think is nice as the spin goes fast and you do not have to wait for all extra features.

The 20 bet lines in Go Bananas are fixed, but you can adjust the coin value between R 0.20 and R 20, and there are 1-10 bet levels that can also be changed. Because of this, the lowest possible bet per spin is R 4 and the highest bet per spin is R 4000. It is a very wide betting team that makes Go Bananas suitable for all types of players. The repayment rate is 96.9% which is really good when compared to Net Ents other slots. This means that you get an average of R 96.9 for every hundred stakes to bet. The highest possible profit is 140,000 coins, and the total amount of winnings obviously depends on the coin value you chose before you started playing.

Go Bananas Slot Opinion

Go Bananas is a humorous and fun slot that has a really innovative wild feature. The five monkeys that all act as wilds spread out in different designs to give you extra numbers of wilds on the reels. Thanks to this, it becomes much easier to win. Unfortunately, there are no other extras, which can feel rather sad. Otherwise, you are used to seeing at least scatter symbols and free spins on the wheels in addition to the basic symbols. This also makes it easier to play a game of Go Bananas, which some players prefer and it is perhaps for these people that Net Ent created the slot. But you who like wild symbols and their function will definitely be satisfied if you test Go Bananas. The really high repayment rate is good for those who want to maximize profits.

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