Koi Princess Slot

You who like different slots will probably enjoy Koi Princess from Net Ent, as it…
Koi Princess Slot
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You who like different slots will probably enjoy Koi Princess from Net Ent, as it has both a unique mana theme and a lot of different special features that make it always something exciting on the reels. For example, there are lots of wild symbols, two different modes of free spins and four different bonuses that are activated at random.


Princess Slot Appearance and theme

Koi Princess has five wheels, three rows and 20 bet lines. The theme comes from the Japanese manga style, and the symbols are thus in the form of cute cartoon characters such as the princess herself, koi fish and dragons as well as the 10-A card symbols in Japanese style. Next to the wheels stands a manga princess in the typical Japanese cartoon style, and in the background you see a traditional Japanese landscape with a waterfall, a river and beautiful greenery together with a temple in the distance. The background music also has a Japanese theme that fits in perfectly with the rest of the slot.

How to play Koi Princess Slot

The wild symbol consists of a wave and can replace other basic symbols on the reels. Besides, it can also give you coin winnings and it appears on any wheel.

Koi Princess’s most interesting feature is actually four pieces. There are so many random functions that can be activated at any time, and they are as follows:

Random Wild
This random feature gives you a free spin containing 4-9 scattered wild symbols on the reels. It’s almost a guarantee of profit!

5-Hit Random Feature
This feature guarantees you a win with five similar symbols in a row. Which symbol it becomes is entirely determined by chance.

Wild reels
Here you get a free spin at the same time as at least two of the reels are completely filled with wild symbols. If you are lucky, all the wheels will be filled with wilds, which will give you a really nice win.

Bonus Activation
This feature simply gives you access to the Koi Princess bonus round.

The bonus round can either be obtained through the function Bonus Activation or also by getting bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. The bonus round consists of a so-called lucky wheel where you get to spin and can get the following winnings:

Wild Reels free spins
This feature gives you 10 free spins, where at least one of the reels is filled with wild symbols. You can get as many as five filled wheels with wilds which guarantees a really high profit.

Sure Win free spins
This feature gives you 10 free spins with guaranteed winnings each time.

Coin win
Precis as the name implies, this feature means you win a number of coins.

Bonus reels
Here you get access to another lucky reel where you can win, among other things, multipliers or free spins.

Koi Princess Slot Relief Opportunities

The 20 bet lines in Koi Princess are fixed, so you can’t adjust the number. However, it is excellent to choose the bet level from 1-10 and the coin value which is between 0.20 and 20 R. Because of this, the total lowest bet is R 4 and the highest bet per spin is R 4000. But in Koi Princess, you can also double the bets to get higher chances of taking advantage of the special bonus features in the slot. Then the repayment percentage will also be higher. The lowest doubled bet is R 8, while the highest doubled bet per spin is R 8,000. The repayment rate is 96.23% with a bonus bet and 96% without and the highest profit is 100,000 coins.

Koi Princess Slot Opinion

Koi Princess is clearly one of the most interesting slots from Net Ent, as it has so many features. While the theme may not really suit all types of slot players, it is really worth testing some twists as it happens something all the time and you have a lot of chances for guaranteed winnings during free spins.

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