Lights Slot

Lights created by Net Entertainment is a delightful slot that has rarely taken its inspiration…
Lights Slot
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Lights created by Net Entertainment is a delightful slot that has rarely taken its inspiration from Thailand. This is not an action experience but, on the contrary, a very quiet variant that focuses on the Loy Krathong light festival with all that it entails. Lights do not have many extra features, but they focus mainly on so-called floating wilds, which means that any symbol on the reels can become a wild symbol. You have also included scatters as well as free spins which are usually included in most slots. The highest profit is 90,000 coins and the profits come quite often thanks to floating wilds.

Lights Slot Appearance and theme

The castle has five wheels, three rows and nine lines of action and gives a beautiful view of a Thai landscape with water, mountains and a beautiful sky. The symbols include yin and yang, rice lamps and other types of lamps as the Thai Light Festival means honoring the water goddess with various candles and lamps that are also sent away on the water. The animations fit very well into the theme and the background music is calm and harmonious. Lights is a really unique slot compared to others on the market as nobody else, as far as we know, has any Thai inspired theme. Many South Africans would love to go to Thailand, and it would be no wonder if this Net Ent slot becomes a real classic among South African casino players.

How to play Lights Slot

The wild symbols in Lights are very different from the wild symbols you are used to because there is no particular wild. However, any symbol can become a wild symbol through the floating wild function. It is made really nicely with fireflies flying around the wheels and then landing on 2-4 symbols that turn into wilds. This applies to all wheels in the slot and the wild symbols appear quite often.

The scatters symbol consists of yin and yang, and if you get three, you get to play 10 free spins, if you get four, you get 20 free spins and five scatters give you a full 30 free spins. During a game of free spins, you instead get between 3-6 floating wilds which increases your chances of getting a winning combination. Six wild symbols on the reels can give you unusually large winnings.

Unfortunately, there are no bonus rounds or other extras in Lights. You have simply focused on a quiet and not so advanced slot whose strength is the harmonious theme and floating wilds that give an unusual number of wild symbols per spin.

Lights Slot Relief Opportunities

Lights have only nine lines of action and they are always active. But you can bet from 1-10 coins per line, and the coin value is between 0.20 and 20 R. This gives a minimum bet of R 1.80 and a maximum total bet of R 1800 per spin. The highest profit is 90,000 coins, and the repayment rate is 96.1%. This means that you get an average of R 96.10 per wagered bet and is quite normal for a slot from Net Entertainment. You often win at Lights as you are guaranteed two wild symbols during each spin, although there are exceptionally few bet lines.

Lights Slot Opinion

Lights are one of the quietest and beautiful slots on the market, and you who don’t like all action-based slots should really try some spins on Lights. The reimbursement percentage is right okay and thanks to the many wild symbols obtained through the floating wilds function you win quite often. Even so, it is a very simple slot that, in addition to floating wilds, only has scatter symbols and free spins as extra features. It is suitable for beginners who want to learn to play on slots or those players who do not like a lot of advanced features.

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