Space Wars Slot

Space Wars was released by Net Entertainment in 2013 and is a slot that only…
Space Wars Slot
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Space Wars was released by Net Entertainment in 2013 and is a slot that only has two different bonus features. It is, therefore, suitable for those who prefer a little more traditional slot machines and are not interested in the very advanced slots that these game developers are now launching. The features included in Space Wars in addition to the basic game are wild symbols and re-spins. What makes Space Wars stand out a bit from the crowd is that the slot is designed with four rows instead of three, which are often standard. The theme focuses on a space adventure with various aliens as symbols, which is very nicely designed and really addictive despite its simplicity.

Space Wars Slot Appearance and theme

Space Wars has five reels, four rows, and 40 bet lines, which is a slightly different design of a slot that means there are more ways to win while requiring slightly higher stakes to win. The design of the slot itself has been very successful with Net Ent, and in the background, you see the infinite space while the symbols consist of different aliens and red crystals. The background music also fits well into the theme and makes it a little extra excitement to play.

How to play Space Wars Slot

Since Space Wars has only two bonus features, it is very easy to get started and understand how the game works. One of the bonus features is the wild symbol which consists of the text WILD and can be seen on reels 2 and 4. The wild symbols can replace all other symbols on the reels and therefore make it easier to get a winning combination. The other bonus feature of Space Wars is re-spins which are activated when you hit a pay line in the slot. In addition, the winning symbol will be cloned and stacked on the reels during the next spin, which allows the winnings to become really big.

Unfortunately, there are no free spins or any bonus rounds in Space Wars, which some may find to be a bit boring, but then there are so many other slots to choose from. Space Wars is primarily made for those players who like simpler slots or are perhaps beginners and want to test themselves before giving in to the more advanced variants.

Space Wars Slot Relief Opportunities

There are as many as 40 wager lines in Space Wars, and in total it is possible to bet between R 8 and 2000, which means that the slot is suitable for all types of players, high rollers as well as beginners who want to take it a little care with the money before they get hot in the clothes. Since there are four rows instead of three in Space Wars, slightly higher stakes may be required to successfully win those big wins. The reimbursement rate when playing this slot is 96.8%, which may be said to be well accepted as it is above average. The highest winnings are 400,000 coins, which is a total of 2 million if you play with the highest coin value.

Space Wars Slot Opinion

Although Space Wars is a very simple slot that only has wild symbols and re-spins as extra features, it is really nicely done and very nice to play on. The fact that the winning symbol is cloned during the next spin is an added bonus that allows the winnings to be larger than normal. The colorful theme with different aliens feels both exciting and fun at the same time, and the fact that there are as many as four rows instead of three that are otherwise standard makes the slot stand out from the crowd. The repayment rate is also exceptionally good as it is well above the average of 96.8%. Space Wars is a good choice for those who like to play on slots that are not that complicated, especially if you have outer space as an interest.

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