Zombies Slot

Zombies is one of Net Ent's clearly creepier slots, which is great for those players…
Zombies Slot
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Zombies is one of Net Ent’s clearly creepier slots, which is great for those players who like a little action and a creepy mood while the wheels spin. It was launched in 2012 and includes, among other things, free spins with a 10x multiplier, two different kinds of wild symbols, and mini-games where you have to shoot zombies to get bonus winnings.

Zombies Slot Appearance and theme

The slot has five reels, three rows, and 20 action lines, and with its creepy zombie theme, it can scare almost anyone. The symbols consist of various weapons that you need as zombie hunters, such as clubs, axes, and chainsaws as well as gas masks and some cut off parts from zombies in the form of brains and eyes. Of course, the classic card symbols between 10-A are also included in the scary luminous zombie version. The background consists of what appears to be a completely abandoned shopping center with escalators that have stopped. Probably all people have been hiding for zombies which have made the city completely abandoned. The background music also works to create a really creepy mood, and it’s hard not to jump high in front of the computer as the music plays and the wheels spin a brain or eye from a defeated zombie.

How to play Zombies Slot

There are actually three wild symbols in the slot Zombies. The first one works just as usual and thus replaces other basic symbols, except scatters. It can be seen on all the wheels except for the third.
The second wild symbol can be stacked, and only appears on the third wheel. Either it only takes up one position on the wheel, or if you are lucky two or three so that it covers the whole wheel at best. If this wild symbol only occupies one position, it can sometimes roll up and cover the entire wheel so your chances of winning increase dramatically.

Finally, there are also random wild symbols that can be obtained if two zombies appear on the screen after a spin. Then it is important to shoot at them to get wild symbols that are randomly placed on the screen and replace other basic symbols.

There are also free spins to take part in Zombies, and these you get through scatter symbols that can be seen on reels 2-4. If you get three scatters on these reels, you start a round of free spins, and even if you only get to spin for free five times, there are really great chances of winning when a multiplier is activated which increases for each spin. The second spin means 2x the bet, the third spin gives 3x the bet, the fourth spin gives you 5x the bet and during the last free spin, you get 10x your bet. In order to make the game with free spins a little longer, Net Ent has also put in small bets between each spin. Then, of course, you have to shoot zombies, and for every zombie, you shoot you get a bonus win.

Zombies Slot Relief Opportunities

The 20 bet lines in Zombies can be adjusted, and you can also change the bet level between 1-10 and the coin value between 0.20 and 20 R. This gives a minimum bet of R 0.20 and a maximum bet of R 4000, which is more than enough for most types of players. The reimbursement rate in Zombies is very high, a whopping 97.2%, and that in itself is a good reason to play at this slot. The highest possible profit is 100,000 coins, which corresponds to R 2,000,000 at the maximum bet.

Zombies Slot Opinion

Zombies are a really creepy slot where you sit at full tension all the time while the reels spin. Net Ent has also managed to put in a lot of extra features such as free spins with up to 10x multiplier, mini-games with bonus winnings where you have to shoot zombies, and two different wild symbols. Zombies are a profitable slot to play on as it has a very high repayment rate, and also gives you the chance to win up to R 2 million!

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