Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is one of the many poker variants that are usually played at online…
Texas Holdem
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Texas Holdem is one of the many poker variants that are usually played at online casinos. Although poker is fairly easy to learn, it is one of the more advanced casino games, and there are some rules and concepts you need to know before it’s time to play. Not least, it is important to know all the steps in a game round, as well as the different terms used in poker and the different poker hands. Here we give you a brief introduction to how Texas Holdem works.

How to play Texas Holdem

The basis of the card game poker is that the player should try to create as good a poker hand as possible with the help of five cards. When you play Texas Holdem, you get two cards yourself, while five cards are face up on the table and are visible to everyone.

To be included in the game round, all players must pay something called the small and big blinds, and this is a type of bet that goes directly to the game pot. The turn goes around among the players so that only one person pays the small blinds and one person pays the big blinds during each betting round. The small blind often has a value of half the minimum allowed bet, while the value of the large blind is the entire minimum allowed bet at the table.

The first thing that happens in the game is that the dealer deals two cards to each player, which are only visible to themselves. After this, all players get a chance to bet, and then you have to decide if you want to fold, pass, raise the bet or call another bet made by a player. When you have gone all the way around, the dealer lays out three visible cards on the table, and with these you can together with your own cards try to create as good a hand as possible. Then the second betting round takes place in the same way, and after this the dealer lays out another card that all players can use to create a good hand. This is followed by the third round of betting in the same way as before, and then the dealer lays the last card on the table so that there are a total of five of them. Then the fourth and final betting round takes place. After this, everyone shows their hands to see who won the game round.


  • Some important terms to know
  • Throw = If you do not think you have such good cards that it is worth betting, then you can throw your cards and stand over the round.
  • Check = Checking is the same as fitting, and this can only be done if no player has bet. If all players check, the game ends.
  • Call = If you call, you match the maximum bet placed during the game round.
  • Bet = If no player has bet before, you can do this when it’s your turn.
  • Raise = Anyone who wants can also raise their bet even more.

The different poker hands

When you play poker, it’s all about getting the best poker hand. But then what is a poker hand? There are a number of different combinations of cards that have different values, and here you can see the different hands in ascending order:

  • Pair = A pair
  • Two pairs = Two pairs
  • Triss = Three identical cards
  • Ladder = Five cards in a row in any suit
  • Color = Five cards of the same suit with different values
  • Full house = A three of a kind (three identical cards) and a pair
  • Quadruple = Four identical cards
  • Straight Flush = A ladder of the same suit
  • Royal Flush = A ladder of the same suit that contains cards 10, J, D, K and A