How to Play Blackjack

A classic favorite game at most casinos is Blackjack. It is important to understand how the game is played, from the basic rules, the objective, and strategy. You will be in a position to play smarter, which is important in this fast paced game of strategy. Many rulebooks will tell you that the purpose or goal is to get as close to 21 when you add your cards together, but this isn’t the whole story. The key is to get as close to 21 without going over, but you also want to beat the dealer, which can happen in a number of different ways. Read on to learn how to play Blackjack.

Blood Suckers Touch Slot

Blood Suckers Touch is one of the most exciting slots right now

The NetEnt slot Blood Suckers has been around for a long time, since 2009, and is a real favorite among Swedish players. Blood Suckers Touch, launched in 2014, is the mobile version that you can play on mobile or tablet with Android or iOS. What characterizes this slot is the exciting bonus round where you will try to kill vampires in the classic way by sticking a pile through their heart. There are also scatters, wild symbols and free spins to download, as well as an unusually high reimbursement rate of 98%!

In order to win the Blood Suckers Touch you have to dare to meet creepy vampires in their natural environment, but fortunately there are various aids on the wheels such as garlic, bibles and wedge water which are really effective in chasing away the bloodthirsty vampires.

Blood Suckers Touch Appearance and theme

Blood Suckers Touch has five wheels, three rows and 25 bet lines. The symbols all have to do with vampires, in the form of garlic, bibles, wedge water, arm brush and four really creepy vampire characters that give you the highest winnings. The vampire with the red moustache is worth the most, then comes the vampire with a wineglass, the creature reminiscent of a monster and the female vampire with black hair.
Directly when you click on Blood Suckers Touch starts the creepy music that really sets the mood for the rest of the game session. When it comes to the graphics, it is quite evident that the slot has a number of years on its neck, so if you want the latest features and appearance, you may want to choose one of NetEnt’s newer titles. The reason why Blood Suckers is still such a popular slot is instead the really exciting theme and the high chance of winning.

How to play Blood Suckers Touch

Blood Suckers Touch has a lot of bonus features, and we start with the classic wild symbol consisting of a young woman and the text WILD. As usual, it can replace the other symbols on the reels, except the bonus and scatters. In addition, if you manage to create a winning combination with one or more wild symbols, you will receive an extra cash prize. The more wild symbols included, the more money you get.

The Scatter symbols can initially give you regular coin wins, but if you get at least three, you also get 10 free spins. You get the same number of free spins no matter how many scatters appear on the reels, as long as they are at least three. But the advantage of getting more scatters than three is that you get a higher coin gain. During free spins, a multiplier is also activated which means that all winnings are tripled.

If you get at least three bonus symbols, in the form of a coffin, a sledgehammer and a pile, the reels start the exciting bonus round which is really the highlight of the slot. Then you see 20 pieces of tombs in front of you, and the goal is to choose the tombs that hide the real one’s big wins but where creepy vampires are waiting to attack you. If you open a coffin where a vampire is located, you will receive a random coin-winning prize and continue the bonus round. But if you happen to open a completely empty coffin, the game is over and you can return to the base game.

The advantage of Blood Suckers Touch is that you can play the slot at any time via your tablet or smartphone. Even if you are not in front of the computer, you have the opportunity to spin the slot and try to kill the vampires to win really nice coin winnings.

Blood Suckers Touch Relief Opportunities

There are unusually many opportunities to adjust the efforts of Blood Suckers Touch. First, you can set between 1-25 bet lines, and choose between 1-4 bet levels and a coin value between R 0.20 up to R 100. This gives a really wide bet range of R 0.20 up to R 10000 per spin! Therefore, Blood Suckers Touch really suits all types of players, from the beginner who wants to start with really low stakes to all high rollers who do not settle for lower stakes than a few thousand Rand per spin.

Something else that really impresses with Blood Suckers Touch is the unusually high repayment rate of an incredible 98%! There are very few other slots that offer the same amount of repayment, and this means that you get back an average of R 98 per wagered hundred. If you want as high odds as possible when playing on slots, then Blood Suckers Touch is your choice! The highest possible prize is 7500 coins in the basic game, which can give you a total of SEK 3 million if you are lucky!

Blood Suckers Touch Opinion

There is no doubt that Blood Suckers Touch still has many fans among the Swedish players. While it may not be the first slot you click into as a new player, there are actually many benefits to choosing Blood Suckers instead of one of NetEnt’s latest releases. The incredibly high repayment rate that gives you 98% back on your bets is one of the main arguments for spinning a few rounds on the slot. You also have the opportunity to play with pretty much any bet you want because the betting range is very wide. Whether you want to invest a few pennies or thousands of dollars, Blood Suckers Touch is definitely a good choice!

When it comes to the features, the bonus round is one of the best with the slot, since the excitement is really high when trying to kill vampires to get over the coin winnings they have been buried with. The only pity is that Blood Suckers Touch does not exactly have the latest graphics and nicest looks, but this is probably what most players have in mind, given all the advantages this slot has compared to many of NetEnt’s newly launched titles.

Blackjack Touch

Blackjack Touch is a really good variant of this card game in mobile version!

The Touch platform consists of NetEnt’s own variants of games that work via mobile devices, and it contains both a large number of slots as well as the classic table games we recognize from land-based casinos. In Blackjack Touch, you have the opportunity to try this classic card game directly via your mobile or tablet, with NetEnt’s innovative graphics and first-class presentation of the game that floats superbly even on smaller screens.

Like all other NetEnt Touch games, Blackjack is available for devices running the iOS or Android operating systems. It works in exactly the same way as when playing through the computer when optimizing the game for the smaller screens. Therefore, you can expect easier navigation, high-quality sound and excellent graphics without losing the high quality that NetEnt is known for.

Blackjack Touch Appearance and settings

Net Ents Blackjack Touch is a simple variant where you can play with just one hand at a time. The design of the game is made in 3D with nice animations and unique sound effects. You can also speed up the game thanks to the Quick Deal feature which increases the pace and suits you who is a van Blackjack player. You can also mute the sound if you are somewhere where you need to pay attention to people around you, or just prefer to play in silence to concentrate better on the cards. Both cards and buttons are also large and clear so you can easily see everything that happens on the gaming table even on a smaller mobile phone.

How to play Blackjack Touch

Blackjack Touch is played in exactly the same way as via the computer, except that you can take the game with you wherever you are. As long as you have an internet connection, just log in, open the app or visit the casino’s website and click on a new game round to see if you manage to get Blackjack and take home the big prize!

The rules of Blackjack Touch

If you haven’t played Blackjack before, you should really try this legendary card game. It involves getting as high cards as possible on the hand, up to the sum of 21. If you get a hand that is worth over 21, on the other hand, you are out of the game. You always play against the dealer and start every round of placing your bets. After this, the dealer places two cards per player, but only one card in front of himself. Then you can choose whether you want more cards or content yourself with the ones you received.
It is important to try to get as close as possible to the sum 21 but at the same time be careful to exceed 21 and lose automatically. If you are satisfied with your cards, the dealer takes more playing cards until his or her hand is worth at least 17. Then the round of betting and the one who has received the maximum amount on the hand is decided without exceeding 21 wins.
The dressed cards always have a value of 10, while the other cards have their own values ​​and the aces are either worth 1 or 11 depending on what is most advantageous. The sum of 21 on the cards is called Blackjack and is the best hand you can get. However, if both you and the dealer get 21, the round is undecided. During the course of the game you can double your bets if you think it will go well, or split the cards into two hands to bet more. You can also withdraw from a game round, which costs half your stake.

Specifications for Blackjack Touch

In BlackJack Touch from NetEnt, you have many different choices to make during a game. Depending on which variant you choose, you can play with 1-6 cards, but the game always follows the classic rules. You can choose whether you want to play one hand at a time or as many as five hands at a time.

If the dealer has an ace, you will be asked if you want to buy insurance. The same applies if you want to double the bet which is possible if the cards are worth between 8 and 11 as your chance of getting 21 on hand is then much greater. You can also split the cards to create two hands if you think this can help you win.

Blackjack Touch Relief Opportunities

Just like in other games from NetEnt, you have many different betting options to choose from in Blackjack Touch. You can bet from 20 R up to 800 R per game, with chips worth 20, 100 and 200 R each. However, some mobile casinos change the stakes, so there is also the possibility to play with stakes from 10 Rand up to 10,000 kroner per hand. Therefore, if you prefer to play with a wider betting team, we recommend that you check out what applies at your particular mobile casino before you start.

In Blackjack Touch, there is also a so-called Re-Bet feature that lets you make the same bet again automatically to speed up the game round, which is really smooth if you want to play many hands in a row. The Blackjack Touch Refund Rate is around 99.59% if you play with an optimal strategy.

Blackjack Touch Opinion

NetEnt’s mobile version Blackjack Touch offers a fantastic experience and it is really easy to play even on smaller smartphones or tablets. It is the classic version of Blackjack offered and therefore the game suits both beginners and more advanced players. The graphics are really good even on smaller screens and you get a very nice gaming experience which can also be very profitable if the cards are on your side.

The appropriate background music and sound effects enhance the gaming feel and resemble a land-based casino, and Blackjack Touch is actually one of the best options if you do not have the opportunity to visit a real casino at the moment. Thanks to this mobile version of the classic card game, you can play and win wherever you are, whether you are queuing at the grocery store or just having a few minutes left at lunch.

Big Bang Touch Mobile Slot

The Big Bang NetEnt slot was released in early 2014, and the Big Bang Touch is the mobile variant available for smartphones and tablets. Although NetEnt is known for its many bonus features, these have focused on a more scaled-down variant that focuses on the multiplier feature that can give you up to 32x the profit! The graphics are also special with the unique theme that originated in the idea of ​​earth creation. Read on to find out more about playing this exciting NetEnt slot, and what sets it apart from other slot machines from the same developer.

Big Bang Touch Appearance and theme

Big Bang Touch has five wheels, three rows and 25 lines of action, and the theme revolves around space and world creation. The scientists believe that the universe was created some 14 billion years ago in a huge explosion known commonly as the Big Bang. NetEnt has taken hold of this and created an explosive slot with really well-made graphics.

The symbols consist of stars, planets, solar storms, asteroids and supernovae as well as the 10-A card symbols. In the background, you see the endless space and the design of the wheels themselves is nicely futuristic in many beautiful colours. When it comes to sound effects and background music, NetEnt has made a good choice that really enhances the mood when playing.

How to play Big Bang Touch

You who like free spins may be disappointed when you test the Big Bang Touch, as NetEnt has completely focused on the multiplier feature. But even so, the Big Bang Touch is by no means a boring slot, on the contrary! Although the number of extra functions is not very large, the multipliers mean that you can win really big sums. There is also a wild symbol, which consists of a supernova and can replace all other symbols on the reels.

The multiplier function consists of a bar to the left of the wheels, numbered from 1-32. It is activated every time you win during a game round, and then increases one step. So after your first win, it will show 2x while the reels spin, which means that any winnings during the round will double. If you keep winning, the multiplier increases for each round, and if you are lucky, you can have your winnings multiplied as much as 32 times! The multipliers offered are: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x, which means that the sum is doubled with every win. You only need to win five times in a row to take home the big win. If you continue to win after that, the multiplier stays at 32x until you lose a round then it starts again at 1x.

Thanks to Big Bang Touch’s other special feature, which consists of the wild symbols, you can reach even greater profits. As usual, the wild symbol means an opportunity to replace other symbols to achieve a winning combination on the reels.

Thus, despite the low number of special features, Big Bang Touch can give you a lot of good profit opportunities. But keep in mind that there is no possibility of neither re-spins nor free spins, which means that you have to pay for every spin on the slot. But because of the exciting multiplier function, there are actually no other special symbols that NetEnt would otherwise include in their slots. It’s exciting enough though!

Big Bang Touch Relief Opportunities

The 25 Big Bang Touch bet lines are fixed, which means you can’t adjust how many you want to play with. All lines are constantly activated and what you can adjust is instead the bet level and coin value. When it comes to the bet level, you can choose between 1-4 and the coin value is between R 0.20 and R 10. This means that the lowest possible bet will be R 5, while you can bet as much as R 1,000 a maximum per spin. Thus, Big Bang suits most players, even if you who prefer really high stakes of several thousand kronor should perhaps choose another of NetEnt’s slot machines.

The theoretical reimbursement for Big Bang Touch is 96%, which is average but slightly lower than many other NetEnt slots. With this percentage, you get an average return of R 96 for every hundred dollars you bet. In terms of variance, it is quite low, and the profit rate of Big Bang Touch is about 50%. But if you win several times in a row so you get a high multiplier you can get huge winnings of up to 268,032 coins! If you play for the maximum bet it will be around R 2,680,320, so there is a good chance of becoming a millionaire if you decide to play some spins on Big Bang Touch.

Big Bang Touch Opinion

While the Big Bang Touch may not be something for you who love lots of special features, this slot is a great choice for those who are craving big profits! As the exciting multiplier feature to the left of the wheels rises higher and higher, you have the chance to become a millionaire in just five turns. The many wild symbols that can replace all other symbols on the reels are also a good help on the way to that big prize you’ve always dreamed of.

The space theme that focuses on the theory of the world’s creation in the form of the big bang is unique in the slot world, and NetEnt contributes with nice graphics and wonderful sound effects. But we would have liked to have seen a slightly higher repayment rate in the style of most of NetEnt’s newer slot machines. Big Bang Touch is a slot that fits you who want to play as easily as possible, for example, if you are a beginner in the casino world. Despite the few features, it is still a really fun slot that especially suits you who prefer lower stakes. High rollers, on the other hand, do not have much to fetch as the highest possible bet is only R 1,000.

Aloha Cluster Pays Touch

Aloha Cluster Pays Touch lets you win in a whole new way!

Aloha Cluster Pays Touch from NetEnt is a tropical-themed slot that was launched in early 2016. What is special about this slot is that the symbols form large clusters that make it easier to create a winning combination. Although the graphics are quite simple, they have created a nice slot in lovely colours that give a real holiday feeling. In addition to the unique cluster symbols, there are also free spins, wild symbols and re-spins with sticky wins that can greatly increase your chances of winning. Read more about Aloha Cluster Pays Touch below to see if this slot is for you!

Aloha Cluster Pays Appearance and theme

The appearance of the slot is a bit different from other slot machines, as it has six reels, five rows and no bet lines at all. This innovative gameplay makes the bonus features really come to fruition, and gives you a chance at really big winnings. The symbols consist of coke nuts, flowers, shells, pineapple and various kinds of tiki masks. In the background, the Hawaiian landscape is complete with palm trees, volcanoes and beaches. Next to the wheels, there is also a smiling tiki figure, which also comes along during the free spins round. It changes depending on what happens in the game, and with its various grimaces and looks it keeps the mood up no matter what happens. The colourful theme and the appropriately cheerful music really gives a holiday feeling that is hard to find elsewhere.

How to play Aloha Cluster Pays

The slightly different design of the slot with six reels and five rows means that there are a total of 30 symbols on the reels at the same time (compared to 15 pieces which are otherwise standard in ordinary slots). A large number of symbols gives you a greater chance of winning, and the symbols can also create clusters are the very finesse of this slot.

Instead of winning from left to right, you win if similar symbols form clusters in Aloha Cluster Pays Touch. Nine or more of the same symbol in a cluster will give you a profit. So they do not need to appear on the same line, but it is enough for the symbols to touch each other. If you are lucky you can get really big clusters that will give you even bigger profits, it all depends on where on the wheels they end up.

The wild symbols in Aloha Cluster Pays Touch consist of a wooden box with a question mark, and they can replace all other symbols in addition to the scatter symbols. If so, you can more easily create winning combinations in clusters, since the wild symbols can replace some of the nine symbols required for a win.

Aloha Cluster Pays Touch also includes re-spins with so-called sticky wins, which allow winning combinations to remain on the reels while the rest of the symbols appear to be exchanged. If you get more symbols that touch the winning cluster then you win again, and you get additional re-spins that can give you even more winnings, at no cost!

The Scatter symbols consist of a stamp with a beautiful background and the text Free Spins, and if you get three or more of them anywhere on the reels start around with 9-12 free spins. If you win with any fruit symbol during free spins, the fruit will disappear from the reels during the rest of your free spins, which makes it more likely that the tiki masks will show up that will give you bigger rewards. You can also get several free spins during such around. If you do not win on your last free spin, you will also receive an extra bonus.

  • 3 Scatter Symbols = 9 Free Spins in the Base Game / 1 Free Spins during the Bonus Round
  • 4 Scatter Symbols = 10 Free Spins in the Base Game / 2 Free Spins during the Bonus Round
  • 5 Scatter Symbols = 11 Free Spins in the Base Game / 3 Free Spins during the Bonus Round
  • 6 Scatter Symbols = 12 Free Spins in the Base Game / 4 free spins during the bonus round

Aloha Cluster Pays Touch is the mobile variant of the slot, which lets you play on your mobile or tablet. The only thing that is required is that you have some kind of internet connection, and that you have a smartphone or mobile phone with either Android, iOS or Windows Mobile. Aloha Cluster Pays Touch has become one of the most popular slots to play in mobile casino since it was designed specifically for smaller screens. You get exactly the same impression as when playing on the slot via the computer, not least when it comes to the wonderful holiday feeling that makes you dream of southern latitudes.

Aloha Cluster Pays Relief Opportunities

Although Aloha Cluster Pays Touch has no traditional bet lines, you can play on the slot from 1 kroner up to 2000 kroner per spin. The coin value can be adjusted between R 0.2 up to R 40 and you play with 10 coins per line. The best-paying symbol on the reels is the red tiki masks, which can give you a whopping 10,000 coins if you manage to get 30 pieces. The maximum profit is SEK 2,000,000 and the repayment rate is 96.42% which is quite average for a slot of this type. This means that you will receive R 96.42 per hundred bets if you play on the slot for a longer period of time.

Aloha Cluster Pays Opinion

Aloha Cluster Pays Touch is a really lovely slot that revolutionized the market because of its smart cluster feature. NetEnt

Zombies Slot

Zombies is one of Net Ent’s clearly creepier slots, which is great for those players who like a little action and a creepy mood while the wheels spin. It was launched in 2012 and includes, among other things, free spins with a 10x multiplier, two different kinds of wild symbols, and mini-games where you have to shoot zombies to get bonus winnings.

Zombies Slot Appearance and theme

The slot has five reels, three rows, and 20 action lines, and with its creepy zombie theme, it can scare almost anyone. The symbols consist of various weapons that you need as zombie hunters, such as clubs, axes, and chainsaws as well as gas masks and some cut off parts from zombies in the form of brains and eyes. Of course, the classic card symbols between 10-A are also included in the scary luminous zombie version. The background consists of what appears to be a completely abandoned shopping center with escalators that have stopped. Probably all people have been hiding for zombies which have made the city completely abandoned. The background music also works to create a really creepy mood, and it’s hard not to jump high in front of the computer as the music plays and the wheels spin a brain or eye from a defeated zombie.

How to play Zombies Slot

There are actually three wild symbols in the slot Zombies. The first one works just as usual and thus replaces other basic symbols, except scatters. It can be seen on all the wheels except for the third.
The second wild symbol can be stacked, and only appears on the third wheel. Either it only takes up one position on the wheel, or if you are lucky two or three so that it covers the whole wheel at best. If this wild symbol only occupies one position, it can sometimes roll up and cover the entire wheel so your chances of winning increase dramatically.

Finally, there are also random wild symbols that can be obtained if two zombies appear on the screen after a spin. Then it is important to shoot at them to get wild symbols that are randomly placed on the screen and replace other basic symbols.

There are also free spins to take part in Zombies, and these you get through scatter symbols that can be seen on reels 2-4. If you get three scatters on these reels, you start a round of free spins, and even if you only get to spin for free five times, there are really great chances of winning when a multiplier is activated which increases for each spin. The second spin means 2x the bet, the third spin gives 3x the bet, the fourth spin gives you 5x the bet and during the last free spin, you get 10x your bet. In order to make the game with free spins a little longer, Net Ent has also put in small bets between each spin. Then, of course, you have to shoot zombies, and for every zombie, you shoot you get a bonus win.

Zombies Slot Relief Opportunities

The 20 bet lines in Zombies can be adjusted, and you can also change the bet level between 1-10 and the coin value between 0.20 and 20 R. This gives a minimum bet of R 0.20 and a maximum bet of R 4000, which is more than enough for most types of players. The reimbursement rate in Zombies is very high, a whopping 97.2%, and that in itself is a good reason to play at this slot. The highest possible profit is 100,000 coins, which corresponds to R 2,000,000 at the maximum bet.

Zombies Slot Opinion

Zombies are a really creepy slot where you sit at full tension all the time while the reels spin. Net Ent has also managed to put in a lot of extra features such as free spins with up to 10x multiplier, mini-games with bonus winnings where you have to shoot zombies, and two different wild symbols. Zombies are a profitable slot to play on as it has a very high repayment rate, and also gives you the chance to win up to R 2 million!

Wonky Wabbits Slot

Wonky Wabbits is a relatively new slot from Net Ent that was released in early 2014. Compared to many of their games, this is a very simple slot machine with no bonus round and free spins. It may sound boring to some, but after all, many people play on slots that are not interested in a lot of special features, and then Wonky Wabbits is a perfect choice. The theme is about rabbits in a vegetable field and it is possible to win up to almost R 4 million with the help of wild symbols.

Wonky Wabbits Slot Appearance and theme

The slot has five reels, three rows, and 15 bet lines that can be won from both rights and left. The theme is crazy rabbits who are in a vegetable land filled with good vegetables. The graphics are very nice and colorful, and it really is a slot you will enjoy playing on! The rabbits look very funny and the symbols consist of the various vegetables in the form of tomatoes, corn, carrots, broccoli and eggplant, and the card symbols 10-A. All the symbols are also 3D animated which gives an extra wonderful gaming feeling. In the background, you see a beautiful green landscape where the vegetable land is located. The background music is quite low and fits well with the theme, it is also nice that it is not too loud and interferes with the wonderful gaming experience.

How to play Wonky Wabbits Slot

There are not many extra features in Wonky Wabbits, but Net Ent has really managed to create an exciting slot anyway. It is perfect for those players who like simpler slot machines and of course you can win really big winnings anyway.

The wild symbol is really the only extra symbol that exists besides the basic symbols, and it consists of a box with the text WILD. If you get such a symbol, it is copied, and a rabbit digs a hole under the reels and shows up in another position that best favors the player. There one is placed to a wild symbol which gives you increased chances of winning as they can replace other symbols on the reels. So you do not need as many similar symbols as usual if you get wild symbols on the reels as they function much like a joker. Wild symbols appear frequently and up to seven can be obtained at one time. Because they are always copied with the help of the rabbits, this means that there can be as many as 14 wild symbols on the reels at the same time!

There are three big wins to come home to in Wonky Wabbits, and they are called Big Win, Mega Win, and Super Mega Win. It is also possible to win from both left and right, and although the winnings are not always that great, they are often distributed, which makes Wonky Wabbits a really fun slot to play on.

Wonky Wabbits Slot Relief Opportunities

The 15 bet lines in Wonky Wabbits are fixed and cannot be adjusted, and since you can win both from the left and the right, there are actually as many as 30 bet lines in the slot. On the other hand, the coin value can be adjusted between R 0.20 up to R 10 and the bet level between 1-10. This means that the lowest bet is R 3 per spin and the highest bet is R 3000. This is a betting team that probably most players will be really happy with, as it fits all types of budgets. The repayment percentage in Wonky Wabbits is 96.5% which is average, and the highest profit at maximum bet is 390,000 coins which are almost R 4 million! Then you have to get 14 wild symbols on the wheels with the help of the rabbits who help you by digging holes in the vegetable land.

Wonky Wabbits Slot Opinion

Wonky Wabbits is a very simple slot with only one special feature: the wild symbols. But despite this, it is rarely boring, and there are both chances to win big profits of several million kronor as well as many smaller gains thanks to the wild symbols appearing so often. In appearance, Wonky Wabbits is a real success with stylish 3D animated symbols and fun and neat theme.

The Wish Master Slot

The Wish Master is one of Net Ents more well-known slots, which is about a spirit in a lamp that can fulfill all your wishes. You can win up to R 9 million, which at least can change the lives of most people. Here you will find both scatters, multipliers, and a whole host of different wild symbols such as expanding wilds, wild wheels, and random wilds.

The Wish Master Slot Appearance and theme

The slot has five wheels, three rows, and 20 lines of action, and the theme is the spirit of the lamp, but not a kind spirit like Disney’s Aladdin, but a darker variant that can help you fulfill your desires. Both the graphics and sound in The Wish Master are top-notch, and the background music is incredibly fitting and it just makes it even more exciting to see if you win the millions that the spirit promises. The symbols consist of animals with precious stones of different colors, such as birds, scorpions, snakes, and any kind of cat animals, and of course the classic card symbols from 10-A in slightly Arabic-inspired variants. In the background of the wheels, treasures are visible on the ground and the spirit’s own lamp is nicely placed in the lower right corner.

How to play The Wish Master Slot

The layout in The Wish Master is a little different than in other Net Ent slots. If you receive a scatter symbol, in the form of the spirit’s lamp on an old sheet of paper, the spirit will emerge from the lamp and award one of 10 different bonus symbols. The bonus symbol you received will then be active during the next 10 spins on the reels. If you get another Scatter symbol during this time, it means another random bonus symbol and 5 spins on the reels with this one. At most, you can get three different bonus symbols, so if you get even more scatter symbols after that, you only get 5 more spins as a reward.

The various bonus symbols that the spirit can distribute consist of multipliers and different types of wild symbols that can help you win more easily. The wild symbols come in the form of completely wild reels, expanding wilds, extra wilds, random wilds, and much more. As usual, all wild symbols can replace other symbols, except scatters. The wild wheels can extend an entire wheel of wild symbols at the same time, the expanding wild symbols become larger than usual and can replace more than one symbol at a time, and the random wild symbols can appear almost anywhere.

The Wish Master Slot Relief Opportunities

The 20 bet lines in The Wish Master cannot be adjusted, but you can change the bet level between 1-10 and the coin value between 0.20 and 10 R. This gives a minimum bet of R 4 and a maximum bet of R 2000 per spin. This way, most players can find a good bet level to play on, regardless of budget. At most, you can win a whole 900,000 coins at the max bet, which equates to an incredible R 9 million! The repayment rate is absolutely 96.6%, which is just above the average for Net Ents slots.

The Wish Master Slot Opinion

The Wish Master is a really exciting and well-made slot from Net Ent, with innovative features in the form of 10 different bonus symbols that the spirit in the lamp can distribute. Just by getting a single scatter symbol, you get a bonus symbol of the duck, and since they are active during 5-10 spins (depending on when they are dealt) there are plenty of opportunities to win big coin winnings. You can also get several bonus symbols at the same time, which of course increases the chances of winning quite a lot. Although there is no bonus round, the features of The Wish Master are so unique and exciting that there is nothing missing. In addition, the graphics are incredibly stylish and the opportunity to win R 9 million is just the mark.

Wild Witches Slot

Wild Witches is a Net Ent slot which, just as the name implies, is completely filled with witches. It has a detailed design with various pretty beautiful witches on the reels along with the ingredients they need to prepare their magic brews. Although the slot is quite simple, it has a unique feature in the form of two wild symbols with multipliers, and you can also get scatters and free spins.

Wild Witches Slot Appearance and theme

The slot has five reels, three rows, and 20 bet lines, and the exciting and slightly scary herd theme is really well done with lots of different witches on the reels. The symbols consist in part of five different ingredients used by the witches to make their magic brews, in the form of poison, rats, arenas, frogs and eyes, and six different witches. In the background of the reels, you see a dark, mysterious landscape and a cottage where the witches probably hold and make their secret witchcraft. The background music also fits well as it is a bit mysterious just like the witches themselves.

How to play Wild Witches Slot

In Wild Witches, there are two different wild symbols. Partly a regular, in the form of a book of magic formulas, which can replace other basic symbols just like most other slots and also has a 2x multiplier, but also a similar symbol in gold which also quadruples all profit combinations it is included in. The usual wild symbol can be seen on all reels, while the golden wild symbol can only appear on the third reel in the slot.

The Scatter symbol consists of a bubbling cauldron, and if you get at least three you are taken to a game of free spins. Three scatters give you 10 free spins, four scatters means 20 free spins and you get five scatters get a full 30 free spins. In addition, a 3x multiplier is activated during all free spins, giving you significantly greater winnings than usual. If you also win with a wild symbol in the combination, the wild symbol multiplier is added to the one that is always active during free spins, which means even higher winnings! You can also get several free spins during such around.

Wild Witches Slot Relief Opportunities

You can adjust the 20 bet lines in Wild Witches, and this also applies to the bet level that is between 1-4 and the coin value that you can change between 0.20 R up to 20 R. This gives a minimum bet per spin of R 0.20 and a maximum bet of R 1600. Wild Witches may therefore not be so good for the high rollers who prefer to bet over a thousand kronor per spin, but we think otherwise most players will be satisfied with the bets the slot has to offer. The reimbursement percentage in Wild Witches is 96.1%, which is slightly below average and the highest possible profit is 120,000 coins, which corresponds to R 2,200,000 at maximum bet.

Wild Witches Slot Opinion

Wild Witches is a horse-themed slot that does not impress very much, as it has very few features, a somewhat low repayment rate, and a somewhat narrow bet range. Although the slot can offer two different wild symbols, which is quite uncommon, the difference between these symbols is that only one of them has twice the size of the other and can only be seen on one of the reels. This is not enough just to stand out from the crowd of slightly older slots from Net Ent as they have so many great looking and fun variants. If you had added a bonus game, Wild Witches would probably have become a lot more fun, and then you could have used the horse food a bit more, which still feels quite exciting and innovative. However, there is a chance of winning over a million kronor, and so it may still be worth giving Wild Witches a try and see if you are lucky enough to bring home the big prize!

Wild Water Slot

Wild Water is a Net Ent slot with surfing themes that gives you the feeling of being in the US. The slot is not one of Net Entertainment’s newer, but it both feels and feels that it has neither the very latest features nor graphics. However, it is perfect for those who want a slightly relaxed feel with a lovely theme with hippies and stylish girls, a chance at a whole 60 free spins, and two bonus features that can provide 200x bet.

Wild Water Slot Appearance and theme

The slot has five reels, three rows, and 20 bet lines, and the theme takes you right back to the United States in the ’60s when the reels are filled with stylish beach girls and hippies. The background music and sound effects give that extra touch to the theme and are a bit rocky which really fits in when you spin the wheels and try to get some of the wonderful gains. In the background of the wheels, you can see a beautiful beach with palm trees and a nice car parked nearby. The symbols consist of surfers in different designs with typical beach accessories such as balls, picnic baskets, and radios. In addition, five of the symbols are stacked, picking up all three rows of a wheel, increasing the chances of winning with any of them if the entire stacked symbol appears on the screen.

How to play Wild Water Slot

The Wild symbol in Wild Water consists of a white shark, which is the surfer’s worst enemy. It can replace other symbols on the reels besides scatters, and they can also expand to cover an entire reel and make it even easier for you to take home winnings. This happens if you get a winning combination that contains a wild symbol.

Wild Water has two different bonus rounds. The first one is called Surf’s Up and starts if you get five surf symbols on the screen. Then you get a multiplier of 20x your bet. The second bonus round is called the Surf Team and gives you the full 200x bet instead if you get all the expanded surfing symbols on the screen.

You can also get free spins in the slot, and then you have to get three or more scatters in the form of a male surfer. Three scatters mean 15 free spins, four scatters give you 30 free spins and get you lucky and get five scatters you get 60 free spins which are really generous as not many slots on the market give out so many free spins to the players.

Wild Water Slot Relief Opportunities

The 20 lines of action in Wild Water are fixed and must, therefore, be active at all times. But you can change the bet level between 1-10 and the coin value between R 0.20 up to R 10. This gives a total minimum bet of R 4 and a maximum bet of R 2000 per spin. The highest possible profit is 400,000 coins, which can give you a total of R 4 million in profit if you are lucky! The reimbursement percentage in Wild Water is at 96.4% which is average for slots from Net Ent and gives you R 96.4 back for every hundred stakes bet.

Wild Water Slot Opinion

Wild Water is a retro slot with surfing themes that are quite nicely designed. Directly when you see the wheels you notice the large expanding symbols in the form of surfers who pick up one whole wheel at a time. These symbols can give you the full 200x bet if you manage to get everyone on screen at the same time, and there are also chances of expanding wild symbols as well as 60 free spins. Not many slots give out as many free spins as Wild Water, which is a big advantage, and the reimbursement percentage is also good compared to many other slot machines on the market. Wild Water suits you who like classic slots with positive themes without too many intricate extras.