Free Spins South Africa

Freespins are an excellent way to get started playing at online casino casinos. If you notice the welcome offers available at online casinos, free spins in different versions are way the most popular bonus.

And why not? Free spins are a win-win situation for both casinos and players. The casinos get new players tempted by a good bet and players to get the chance to play at slot machines with the chance to win real winnings without spending money.

Next to the welcome bonuses, free spins are the most popular form of bonus on online casinos. Most online casinos offer free spins to their players, either as part of the welcome bonus, as a limited promotion or in connection with the launch of a new slot. You can often use your free spins on slots selected by the casino, but sometimes if you are lucky they can use whatever slot you want.

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What are Freespins?

Simply put, free spins are completely free slot machine games at casinos online. These free spins are worth the money and give you opportunities to win big winnings. It is also worth noting that you can get so-called Realspins or Superspins or combinations of these. We will come back to what this entails later.

What does free spins mean?

Free Spins simply give you free spins on a slot machine or video slot. It is a perfect way to test what it is like to play a certain slot, while also having the chance to win real money. One thing to remember is that some online casinos have wagering requirements when you use free spins, which means you have to wager your potential winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw the money from the casino account. This is because the casino cannot pay out any money, but rather wants to play with them before withdrawing the money.
During games with free spins you can also get even more free spins, if you play on a slot that has scatter symbols that can give you spins at no extra cost. That way you get the chance to play even longer, and some slots offer a lot of chances for free spins, whether you bet or use the free spins you received as a bonus from the casino.
When you play free spins on some slots you also have extra chances to win, as they are often utilized during the slot bonus round. In the bonus round, a whole bunch of extra features are usually triggered, such as expanding wild symbols (which act as a joker), re-spins and multipliers that make your winnings even bigger. Therefore, take the chance to take advantage of as many free spins as you can only when playing casino online!

How do I get as many free spins as possible?

Normally, you can get 5-20 free spins even before you deposit any money at an online casino. This is an extra bargain bonus as you then get the chance to test the casino completely without risk. After that, many online casinos also offer hundreds of free spins in connection with making their first deposits into the gaming account. In some cases you can choose between free spins and bonus money but sometimes you have the chance to get both and.
If you want to be able to use even more free spins then it is best to register to receive the casino newsletter. Then you get up-to-date information on all bonuses and promotions, and can quickly take advantage of the free spins offered for example when launching new slots or limited promotions. To get a chance at additional free spins, it can be good to monitor many different casinos online, and this is easiest to do by visiting a website online that posts information on all current bonuses. Here at CasinoSouthAfrica you can get tips on new bonuses and free spins, so you don’t have to visit every casino’s website daily so you don’t miss any new promotions. This way you save time and also get the chance to utilize the maximum number of free spins which of course also increases your chances of winning money.
So free spins are one of the best bonuses you can get at an online casino, and now that you know a little more about this type of bonus you can take advantage of a welcome bonus that includes free spins from one of our recommended casinos. At CasinoSouthAfrica you also get updated information on new bonuses, including free spins, so you can maximize your chances of winning.

How do you get free spins?

You can obtain Freespins in several different ways. The most common way to get free spins is to receive them for welcome offers. This is what you get when you register as a player at online casinos. But there are several other ways to get free spins. If you are loyal to a casino, you will be rewarded.

One of the ways a casino online rewards you is by giving you free spins and it can be completely random or in conjunction with promotions. Then you will find casino bonuses and other various offers, it can give you free spins if you make a deposit. It can also be associated with promotions or when new slots are added. We should also mention that some online casinos have different game symbols associated with their concept. Here, there are often rewards in the form of free spins. It can be in connection with the casino’s own “lucky wheel”, “treasure chests” or “boxes” with rewards.

Free Spins without Deposit

Some casinos are running free deals to attract new casino players, and here we are thinking of free spins with no deposit. What happens here is that you get a certain amount of free spins by signing up at the casino. You will often get between ten and twenty free spins on Starburst with this tactic, and to be honest, it’s just a cheap trick.

If you are lucky enough to actually end up winning, you still have to meet a huge play-through requirement to get your winnings paid off. If you are lucky enough to meet the pass-through requirement, there are still restrictions on the payout. Of course, casinos are not happy to give money away for free. So if you win on these free spins, it is usually a minimum deposit and it is usually between R4,000 to R20,000 so if you are successful here you will not get rich in free spins without a deposit. We recommend reading the bonus terms in this context.

Freespin variations

In order to get a complete overview of the Freespins concept, we will focus on some important elements that players in casinos should know about. In addition to free spins on slot machines, we also have the so-called Realspins and Superspins. These free spins are really worth going for, and the combination of Realspins and Superspins, in particular, is highly sought after.

Free spins

Free spins or free spins as they also call, and so are the ones that are most common in casinos. The default is to get some free spins on Starburst. The reason for this is that for the casinos, Starburst is the cheapest slot machine to give away free spins. It costs roughly R10, which means that 10 free spins on Starburst are not worth much, especially considering that any winnings will almost certainly be lost on the wagering requirement.

And here we touch on something important. That is the wagering requirement, which means that almost all free spins become worthless to the player. If you win on your free spins, you have a wagering need to play through. The turnover requirement can range from 20-50x. This allows casinos to give away free spins, almost without losing a penny on their thousands of free spins. Many players and casinos have seen through this and wanted to do something about it. This leads us to Realspins and Superspins.

Real spins

Here we start talking because Realspins is the real thing. Real spins are exactly the same as free spins, but with the big difference that Realspins has zero turnover requirements attached to it. If you do not have a wagering requirement on your Realspins, you can, of course, get your winnings paid right away.

Super spins

If you like Realspins thinking without free play, you will love Superspins. It’s not very easy to get a hold of, but if you’re lucky enough to hit the Superspins piano, you’re welcome. These are free spins with a much higher value than regular free spins. Common free spins are usually worth between one and two dollars.

Superspins are worth over ten times more, or more. Of course, it increases the chances of winning some really wild winnings. So the question is, are Superspins also Realspins, or are Superspins just an advanced version of regular free spins? The answer is, it’s different.

Some casinos that consistently run Realspins without wagering requirements also offer Superspins which will also be free of wagering requirements. While other casinos that do not have Realspins offer Superspins, which will then have a free play requirement attached to them.